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Brussels in meltdown as furious Italians burn EU flags

by LLB Reporter
21st Apr 20 4:23 pm

Italians feel abandoned after a slow response by Brussels, as coronavirus has triggered a breakdown in unity across the bloc.

Footage has appeared on social media of many Italians burning EU flags and town Mayors could be seen throwing the flags from their official buildings.

The EU’s Foreign Police Chief, EU diplomat Josep Borrell told a committee of senior MEPS, “It breaks my heart and it almost makes me cry to see the European flag being burned in Italy.”


In a shock poll Italians have described China as a friend despite coronavirus origination from Wuhan and infecting the world, and half said Germany in now an enemy.

Tensions have risen even further after it emerged that Hungary was given €5.6bn from the EU commission, whilst Italy received €2.3bn.

Hungary has just a sixth of the population and only 213 deaths, compared with Italy having a devastating 24, 114.

Hungary has a population of 9.7m compared to Italy having over 60m. Hungary has 2,098 coronavirus cases, compared to Italy having more than 181,000 cases.


Borrell has called on Brussels to go further with their response to the coronavirus crisis affecting many countries in the EU.

The EU diplomat said, “I think that we must get better at showing what the European Union is doing.

“We do a lot, but we spend less resource and we pay less attention to the explanation of what we are doing.”

“The European Union has to touch the hearts and minds of Europeans,” he added.

“They have to perceive, to feel that the European Union is here to protect them. And the answer to the crisis would be much worse without the European Union.”

The German Christian Democratic Union leader, Friedrich Merz hit out against Italy’s Eurobonds demands, on Sunday.

The leading politician has suggested “the EU can fall apart because of this,” as Italy have previously warned they could leave Brussels.

Italy warned last Tuesday they could leave the EU over Brussels inability to deal with the coronavirus pandemic.

Brussels could be the next victim to coronavirus as Italian politicians insist it “would be better to leave Brussels” they have warned.

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