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Donald Trump mugshot shows he is convinced he will be cleared and is an attempt to intimidate

by LLB staff reporter
25th Aug 23 12:31 pm

Human Lie Detector analyses first ever police mugshot of a former US President facing charges in Georgia of attempting to fix election – and reveals what his serious pose really means.

A world-renowned body language expert has analysed Donald Trump’s historic police mugshot  and claims the former President is attempting to be intimidating and defiant to his accusers.

Trump has become the first former President to have a police mugshot taken of him as he faces election charges in Georgia and Darren Stanton – who has advised international police and worked on major TV shows in the US and Britain – said the Republican is showing glimpses of anger at his humiliation.

Speaking to BitcoinCasinos.com, Darren Stanton reveals, Trump’s glaring look into the camera is an attempt to show his defiance to the world and his supporters.

He said, “Having assessed Donald Trump for the world’s media for many years here we see a very interesting shot of the once illustrious American president.

“The human face comprises 43 facial muscles which, when engaged in different combinations, make up one of the seven human emotions. These apply worldwide cross culturally.

“In Donald Trump’s mugshot the first thing that is very striking is his eye contact with the camera. Generally three to five seconds of eye contact is normal, and when we tend to prolong that period it is generally reserved for a close family and romantic partners.

“However, when used in that context, it is used in conjunction with other facial muscles which confirm what he is feeling internally.

“In the case of President Trump, we see eye contact is held fixed right into the lens. This was clearly decided on by him to show his accusers and the world that he is showing defiance, and he believes he will be acquitted of his charges.

By pulling his eyebrows together, Trump is displaying anger and denial

“The next key feature of the mugshot photograph is you noticed that the eyebrows are pulled together and pulled down. This is the emergence of anger/defiance expression. We get this intense stare, so emotionally he is showing anger, defiance and denial.

“I teach officers and people in frontline security this emotion, people who could be potentially dealing with volatile people. It is a good indicator that the person could become physically violent in a second, and therefore enables law-enforcement to pre-empt a potential attack, knowing the person has entered the anger emotion, that is how we would practically apply this observation in the real world.

The tilt of the head forward is an attempt by Trump to intimidate his accusers

“We also see that his head is tilted forward. This is to make his glare even more intimidating to his accusers.

“President Trump has historically always been consistent in his body language with what he has said. I assessed him for the world’s media, during his previous Presidential election, and later in office at various world summits. He is quite an easy man to read as he tends to wear his heart on his sleeve in respect of his body language.

“Right now I think his overriding thoughts and feelings are to go on the offensive. He shows a brave face to show his accusers he will not be beaten but at the same time, feeling a little bit humiliated and angry at those that have placed him in this position.”

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