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Dissatisfaction at work: Almost a quarter of Brits are unhappy with their job

by John Saunders
16th Nov 21 2:25 pm

IONOS SE conducted a survey involving 500 British participants and found that most are discontent with their jobs. The participants were between the ages of 20 to 50 and were asked about their aspirations in their professional lives.

The study in a nutshell

The IONOS SE Business survey “British Dreams and Wishes” not only uncovered the dissatisfaction of Brits in the workplace, but also asked participants more generally about their career dreams and aspirations. Here you can find the most important results of the survey at a glance:

  • Self-employment as a key to happiness: Most Brits think that the self-employed are happier than others
  • Lone warrior: British citizens prefer to start-up without any partners
  • All about the money: Financial reasons keep many participants from founding
  • Contrary to expectations: The corona pandemic has been an eye-opener to starting up
  • Online presence for business is becoming increasingly important, especially in the age of the pandemic.

If you want to learn more about these key facts and other exciting results of the survey, you can download the e-book “British Dreams and Wishes: A Business Survey” for free.

Women strive for more recognition at work

Among the participants – of which half were male and half were female – it was clear that women in particular long for fairer working conditions. As a result of the pandemic, more women than men lost their jobs and thus livelihoods. Recognition at work was also seen to be 6% more important to the female participants, who claim they receive little encouragement in the workplace.

When asked about the most important factor in a job, 70% of the female participants stated a work-life balance to be essential. Whereas for male respondents, 69% stated a high income was the most important.

Flat hierarchies are not convincing

Believe it or not, but flat hierarchies are not as popular as one might think. Older participants stated that flat hierarchies are irrelevant when it comes to working conditions. Only for the younger participants was it a major role, along with a high income.

Surprising facts about the British and their job-related hopes and fears

The IONOS SE study explored how to increase employee satisfaction in the UK and looked at how the workplace has changed during the COVID-19 pandemic. For more exciting insights, download the free “British Dreams and Wishes: A Business Survey” e-book here.

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