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Crucial steps must be taken after burn injuries at the workplace

by Sarah Dunsby
21st Jun 22 3:48 pm

Burn injuries give a terrible experience at the workplace. The employees who get burnt at the workplace go through severe injuries that can even lead to death. Burn injuries give a tough time to the victim. The victim suffers due to severe pain and goes through emotional and mental trauma. Burn Injuries at the workplace are the results of explosions or short circuits in electrical wiring or may be due to other reasons.

However, If these explosions happen due to a mistake of a third party and you become injured in this explosion then you have the right to take action against the third party. You can hire Langdon Emison Personal Injury Lawyers. Your lawyer will help you to prove the fault of the third party and help you to get the compensation that you deserve.

Burn injury complications

Burn injuries can lead to severe complications:

Loss of fluids

Severe burn injuries lead to loss of fluid as it affects the layers of the skin and the victim can suffer from electrolyte imbalance, dehydration or sometimes kidney failure.


Burn wounds can easily get affected by harmful bacteria and can lead to severe infection.

Scarring and disfigurement

Burn injuries result in scars and sometimes these scars are so deep that they cause permanent disfigurement.

Limited range of motion

Burn injuries affect the tissues of the skin and with time tighten the skin and result in a limited range of motion.

Emotional anguish

Burn injuries change the appearance of the victim and due to this, the victim suffers from stress and emotional trauma.

Respiratory issues

Due to inhaling smoke and toxic chemicals, the victim develops breathing and respiratory problems.


Burn injuries destroy the outer skin layer of the victim and then the victim becomes sensitive to temperature which can lead to hypothermia.

Common causes of burn injuries at the workplace

Some of the common causes of burn injuries at the workplace are

  • Explosions at the workplace
  • Coming in direct contact with the open flames
  • Burn injuries can happen due to short circuits in electrical wiring
  • Harmful types of radiation can also cause burn injuries. The continuous exposure to the work equipment that develops rays such as X-rays or ultraviolet (UV) lights.
  • Getting affected by the whole body due to direct contact with industrial chemicals. These dangerous chemicals can be in solid, liquid, or gaseous form
  • Lightning strikes or sparks can lead to fire explosions and victims can suffer from burn injuries

Some essential steps need to be taken after burn injuries

Seek medical help

Indeed, your health and life come first. Therefore, you should immediately rush to the hospital and seek the help of the doctor. They will provide you with first aid. And you can get the record that will be used as evidence.

Notify your manager

If you got severely affected then ask someone to inform the manager about the burn injuries you have faced. They will record how the incident happened and will search for the fault.

Notify the worker’s insurance company

You should notify the employee’s insurance company as they will support you financially to pay the medical bills.

File a complaint

If the insurance company or your manager is not showing any concern then you can file a complaint at the police office or some authority.

Taking legal help

Hiring a lawyer makes things easy for you. Your lawyer will guide you legally and help you to get the compensation you deserve.

Compensation depends on the classification of burn injuries

Compensation relies on the severity of the injuries. Burn injuries affect the layers of the skin depending on how deep the damage is

First-degree burns

First-degree burn slightly damages the outer layer of the skin. There is no permanent damage but the victim suffers from pain and redness.

Second-degree burns

Second-degree burn damages the outer layer and inner second layer of the skin. The victim suffers from blisters, and swelling and takes some days to relieve from pain.

Third-degree burns

Third-degree burns deeply damage the skin and affect the issues such as fat cells, blood vessels, or sometimes nerves. It makes the skin discoloured.

Fourth-degree burns

Fourth-degree burns destroy all the layers as well as bones. It can damage the nerves as well. The victim takes months and years to heal and sometimes the severity of pain can lead to death.

Obviously. The more severe the more compensation your lawyer will claim.

Take away

Burn injuries severely affect the life of the victim. The victim does not just go through the pain and financial loss but it can change the whole of the victim’s appearance. Undoubtedly it is hard to accept these changes and can affect the mental state of the victim as well. However, if you are a victim of a burn injury then don’t worry and hire a St. Louis Personal Injury Lawyer. Your lawyer will support you at every step and make you strong enough to fight with the wrongdoers and ask for justice.

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