Corbyn: “We will make finance the servants of industry instead of the masters of us all”


Labour leader attacks bankers 

Speaking at the EEF – The Manufacturers’ Organisation Conference today, Jeremy Corbyn, Leader of the Labour Party, will pledge to stand up to bankers to rebalance the economy in favour of jobs and industry.

He will declare that finance needs “a fundamental rethink” and the next Labour government will make it “the servant of industry not the masters of us all.”

Jeremy Corbyn will also raise the case of Melrose’s attempted takeover of GKN, a manufacturer that employs 6,000 workers in the UK, pledging to “broaden the scope of the ‘public interest test’, allowing Government to intervene to prevent hostile takeovers which destroy our industrial base.”

He will also say that Government is failing business by not providing clarity on Brexit, saying that “with two out of six of the Government’s “Road to Brexit” speeches already delivered, the Tories approach to Brexit is, if anything, less clear.”