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Conference planners: eco-friendly event guide

by Sarah Dunsby
24th Sep 18 3:51 pm

Nowadays, more and more businesses are taking steps to become environmentally responsible and reducing their ecological footprint. Conferences and event business are no different and there are simple and easy changes you can implement which can make a huge difference in the grand scheme of things.

So, what are the benefits to a business for taking an eco-friendly stance? Not only does it boost your reputation for being an ethical business, it has the potential to reduce financial expenditure if you address the right areas.

Delegate badges

A common area that can pertain to a lot of unnecessary wastage, is printing delegate badged in advance. Often a large percentage of participants drop out or require last minutes changes or amendments etc.

To reduce the output of waste as much as possible and depending on the volume of your conference percipient, it can be wise to invest in an ID card printer which can be used to quickly and easily produce delegate badges to order, significantly reducing the potential waste associated with printing in advance or by other means.

Public transport

Encourage your delegates to use public transport in as many ways as you possibly can. Here are a few suggestions on how you can achieve this:

  • choose a venue location in a city which is easily accessible and well serviced by public transport.
  • provide a bus shuttle service from local train stations or airports.
  • encourage and promote lift sharing for those who are adamant about driving!
  • offer public transport expenses contributions or reimbursements.
  • Provide detailed transport logistics to make it an easier choice

Printed materials

Whilst it can be tempting to press the print button – think before you do it! This goes for your office tasks on a day to day basis, your event communications, promotional and logistical materials. Where possible, opt for online options which are easily accessed on the go and updated quickly in the case of last-minute changes.

For example, using a conference app can be a great way to provide all the necessary event information in one place, plus it also promotes online networking prior to and during your event. This can really help reduce the need for printing maps, directions and event programme guides.

Venue responsibility

Working together with your chosen venue, ensure you ask what actions they can take to ensure your event is as eco-friendly as possible. This is something they should be well-versed in and this can take some of the pressure from you! Although if you’re looking for ethical venues online, you can easily spot them by seeing if they have an environmental policy.

Your chosen venue may well already address many environmental aspects. However, if they don’t cover some of the basics then perhaps choose a venue that does.

Some of the things an ethical venue might undertake include:

  • Recycling waste
  • Using recycled materials
  • Reducing waste
  • Using tap instead of bottled water
  • Using locally sourced produce in catering
  • Eco-friendly products and materials

Green products

When sourcing materials for your conference, from giveaways to stationary always explore environmentally friendly options such as recycled products and materials or even simply locally sourced items which carry a low carbon footprint.

Above all, remember the fact that your event is eco-friendly is a huge selling point. Do be sure to shout it from the roof-tops. Optimise all opportunities to promote it – put it on your event website, on your materials and your email sign off.

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