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CBD drinks could be the new way to complete sober October

by LLB Reporter
5th Oct 23 7:39 am

With sobriety on the rise and more members of the public jumping on the sober October challenge, it is apparent members of the UK want to inject their desires into something else: CBD-infused drinks.

This is why experts from UK CBD brand BROWN’S CBD have put together a know-all guide on CBD-infused drinks to help ease the stresses of sober October in the hopes of improving your knowledge of the benefits of introducing CBD drinks into your life.

What are CBD-infused drinks?

CBD (Cannabidiol) drinks have had people curious for some time now. With the convenience, bioavailability and huge range of flavours on the market tickling the UK’s fancy, it is intriguing to know what exactly is in them and what they do.

Choosing the right CBD drink for you depends on personal preference, CBD concentration and the ingredients, so it can be important to research each drink.

Here are some factors which you may not know about the drinks:

  • Various forms of drink: CBD drinks come in various forms, such as tea, coffee, sparkling water and even cocktails.
  • Different concentrations of Cannabidiol: The drinks vary in CBD concentration, from 2.5mg to 250mg per bottle, with either isolates, full-spectrum or broad-spectrum types of CBD.

Are CBD drinks legal in the UK?

CBD-infused drinks are legal in the UK if they contain less than 1mg of THC. THC is the psychoactive element of the cannabis plant.

Always purchase your CBD drinks from a reputable source, as they will legally comply with the legal requirements.

What benefits are the benefits of drinking CBD?

The wellness world has been introducing CBD for years, but CBD drinks are the new and exciting way to take its benefits to the next level through ease of use and being very tasty.

CBD drinks have more advantages than other forms of CBD consumption, such as convenience, being absorbed faster and easier into the body, being easy to find in supermarkets, and being carried and consumed easily while on the go.

Bioavailability is the percentage of CBD absorbed while consuming it, and with CBD drinks being between 4-20%, many drinks use water-soluble CBD to help increase absorption.

The taste of CBD may in the past have given you a bitter or unpleasant taste, which is why CBD-infused drinks are popular, as they come in many different flavours. Not only that, but many Cannabidiol drinks are infused with other healthy ingredients which go hand in hand with CBD to give your body the boost it needs.

Can you make your own CBD-infused drink?

Yes, making your own CBD drinks is an excellent way of monitoring how much CBD you put into your body while trying different flavours and types of drinks.

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