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Brits ‘risk being fined or your vehicle seized’ under new Brexit rules when visiting Europe

by LLB staff reporter
26th May 21 10:23 am

Holidaymakers who are planning on driving to Europe are being warned to make sure you know the new post-Brexit rules or you “risk a fine or your vehicle being seized.”

Motorists must have green card for insurance, your driving licence along with your vehicle log book and a GB sticker on your vehicle when driving into the EU, Insurance company Admiral have said.

Admiral urge motorists to allow at least seven days for the green card to arrive, which will cover you should there be any accidents.

According to The Leicester Mercury, Admiral’s Head of Motor Product Clare Egan said, “We expect many more motorists will be thinking of taking their car rather than flying, once holidays to Europe are possible again.

“New rules and regulations mean there’s a lot more to think about before heading abroad, and that includes getting a green card if you’re taking your car with you.

“Thankfully applying for one is straightforward, but there are other things to remember.

“Make sure you’re prepared and have all the right protection and documentation before you travel as the rules have changed since Brexit.”

Egan added, “You will need your driving licence and your car’s vehicle registration document in case of an incident. It’s also a good idea to take a copy of your car insurance certificate or have an electronic copy available.

“You will also have to double check if you need to get a GB sticker and international driving permit before you travel, so leave plenty of time to get these additional bits organised.

“The last thing anyone wants to think about is having an accident abroad while driving, but unfortunately it can happen, so it’s important to be clear on the rules of the road before travelling and have all the right documents with you while out on the road.”

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