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Brits continue to be baffled about post-Brexit travel

by LLB Reporter
9th Nov 18 1:35 pm

Brits continue to be baffled by Brexit and what it means for them, new figures reveal. According to research released by Eurotunnel, almost two-thirds don’t know how Brexit will affect them personally (65%), with three-in-five (62%) struggling to keep up-to-date with the latest Brexit news. Another two-thirds (62%) simply don’t where to find trusted advice, resulting in more than a quarter (32%) asking friends and family for guidance.

With confusion reigning in the lead up to Brexit, Eurotunnel, carrying more than 2 million cars per year, has launched a new series of question and answer pages on their website today offering help and advice to travellers journeying to and from the EU post-Brexit.

Including answers to common questions around how Brexit will affect passports, travel with pets and driving to the EU, the new pages aim to mitigate concerns around post-Brexit travel.

Independent consumer research, conducted on behalf of Eurotunnel, reveals the sheer scale of uncertainty when it comes to what us Brits really think Brexit means for travel to the EU:

  • 59% don’t know what will happen to their passport post Brexit
  • 41% are unsure if they will be able to drive in the EU on a UK driving licence post Brexit
  • 39% don’t know if they will be covered by the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) post Brexit

More than 40% of Brits that take a car on holiday use Eurotunnel, with an average of 6,000 cars making use of the service every day. Since the introduction of a pet travel scheme in 2000, more than two million dogs have also travelled through the tunnel, equating to one in nine cars over the summer of 2018 traveling with a dog.

Jae Hopkins, spokesperson for Eurotunnel, said: “With so many people unsure about the facts relating to EU travel post-Brexit, we have created a new series of question and answer pages on our website to provide the most up to date information in response to common travel queries. These pages will continue to be updated in the lead up to and following the final deal.

“Whether concerned about travelling with your family, your pets or your own vehicle to a European country after March 29th, 2018, Brits can rest assured they will still be able to make the journey through Eurotunnel in the same way they did before.”

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