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Boris Johnson proposes ‘Trump-style tax cuts’

by LLB Reporter
10th Sep 18 10:00 am

Former Foreign Minister Boris Johnson is calling for the government to follow President Donald Trump’s lead and reduce taxes rather than raise them.

In his latest column in the Telegraph, Johnson has written that while “it is not fashionable to point this out”, the UK could do with looking across the pond for some tips on how to “show a post-Brexit Britain will be a happy and dynamic economy that fosters enterprise, that rewards the strivers and the innovators, and where people can hope to take home more of their pay to their families”.

“Instead of canvassing tax rises, we should say that tax henceforward will not go up. That’s it.”

Last year, Trump had signed off on a major overhaul of the US tax system which will see $1.5tn in cuts for workers.

Boris went on to praise Trump as he wrote: “The United States currently boasts economic growth rates far in excess of this country, at about 4.5 per cent, and with record low unemployment – and that growth is being driven not just by the US government’s decision to cut taxes and regulation… Do we send out that signal, here in this country? I am not so sure.”

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