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Best games to play on Easter

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15th Apr 19 12:43 pm

During Easter, the weather is usually calm and warm for people to spend time outdoors. However, if climate distress happens and you are forced to be indoors, there are Easter games you can play with your family.

You can incorporate your children, teens, and adults in both indoor and outdoor games and have fun. Starting with the Egg Hop Relay Race or the modern indoor Easter 45 Piece Floor Puzzle, there is so much fun you can have during Easter.

Egg hop relay race

This game is played in pairs; so start by pairing yourself into twos. Each player is given two large eggs, cut out of cardstock or cardboard. One teammate steps on one egg and places the other egg cut out in front of the first one. The game is about hopping from one egg to the other towards the finish line. The team that reaches the finish line first wins. You can allow kids to colour the eggs to make the game more exciting.

Egg walk

This game is simple. An egg is placed on a spoon, and participants are asked to walk as fast as possible. They must be careful not to drop the egg. The player who walks fastest without breaking the egg wins the game.

Egg tower

It is about building a tower with eggs.  You roll the eggs with a paper towel or toilet paper; the players have to build the tallest tower possible using the eggs and cut up rolls. The eggs can be raw or boiled. It is fun to see the raw eggs breaking when the castle collapses. It’s going to be messy, however, consider using boiled ones especially where kids are involved.

The mouth game

To play this game, you need dental mouth openers. The participants will put them in their mouth and then read funny phrases aloud. You can check online for funny phrases that will make the game exciting.

Easter egg treasure hunt

This is a very common game during Easter because it is easy to modify to suit your interests. The game comes in many versions. One of them is hiding a basket full of gifts and other treasures, and then having eggs around to give your guests a clue where to find the treasure. The person who sees the basket is the winner.

Egg toss

Tossing eggs and watching them break is one of the most fun Easter traditions that kids cannot get enough of. So, you ask them to line up into two parallel lines and hand each one of them an egg. They then start tossing the raw eggs at one another, and if it does not break, they move a little farther from one another until one of them loses. It’s a messy game, so you can only play if your guests do not mind the eggs’ slime.

When looking for great games to play on Easter, don’t limit yourself. TheWorks has all the supplies you need. Be creative as much as you can; let your family and friends remember Easter and look forward to it.

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