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Best beginner tips to barter trade

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15th Apr 19 10:44 am

It is not easy to be successful at bartering as you may have thought. Please note that there are fair barter traders, just as there are the not so good ones. Barter trade involves people, and human nature will influence the activities. In this modern world of social media, b2b marketing, and reality entertainment, barter trade does have a role in the exchange of goods and services.

Risks in barter trade involve human nature

Since bartering is about an exchange, at some point, there will be the transference of a physical commodity. This exchange may, unfortunately, come to the awareness of a greedy person, thief, or malicious vandal.

You may face the chance of losing your goods from theft or vandalism. Another risk you may encounter is if you are intimidated into service by a blackmailer or a bully.

We’re going to see what we can do to reduce the risks in bartering so that our trading is successful and useful.

Keep your supply storage secret from the general public

Your goods and your depot should be private information. It is just as important to be discreet about the amounts and types of products you have for trade. You should not keep announcing your trade items when you are not actually in a transaction.

For instance. When you are at the gym in a soul class, and you have an audience of 25 cyclists, other than your intended trading partner, six cycles away, don’t try to strike up a conversation about your trading items. Discretion is the better part of valor. No other cyclists will know and follow you to mug you for your goods.

Relinquish your goods on several trips

After negotiating your exchange, and agreeing on terms, you have to transfer ownership safely and discretely. Don’t take all the goods that you are handing over at the same time. After the first exchanging of the products, suggest a new venue and a different time for transferring the rest of the goods. You eliminate the chance of losing the entire consignment and reduce the risk to your person if the robbery turned violent towards you.

For instance. If you are swapping your eleven watches, and among them, you have three Rolex and Bvlgari watches each. These six watches are all high-value items. Divide the watches up and out of these six, carry any three to the first exchange, and bring the other three the next time around.

Do your trading away from your depots     

The convenience of trading near your storage is undeniable. You can dash to collect any orders that may come in while you are selling. Any thief will trace your steps and empty your store.


Barter trade is beneficial for swapping goods and services, and better still, bartering is excellent for honing negotiating skills. The actions one can take to mitigate the risks will come in handy on all levels of business; be careful, be vigilant and don’t give out too much information.

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