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Bergman design house on launching “The Other House Hotel”

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11th Oct 21 4:15 pm

Bergman Design House has partnered with The Portfolio Club to launch a new lifestyle hospitality brand in prime Central London.

With globally renowned Bergman Design House as its interiors partner, the other House Co-owner and CEO Naomi Heaton, has created a true oasis in South Kensington.

Launching in Spring 2022, the first outpost from the new lifestyle brand of Residents’ Clubs, promises to bring an alternative take on what London can offer, one that is both light-hearted and whimsical to encourage a new generation of long and short-term guests to make South West London their home.

A second home

The Other House concept, shaped through a residential lens rather than from a conventional hotel approach, brings a unique perspective to the hospitality sector. Offering club flats and members’ club, any length stays and access to hotel-style services on demand, it is the first of this type of accommodation that the UK has ever seen.

Marie Soliman and Albin Berglund, who hold over 25 years of combined design experience, shared their vision for their new project.

“We want to create a space different from anything else that exists in London,” says Soliman. “This is a hotel, a club, and your other house as long as you are in town.”

Bergman Design House has taken its’ inspiration from South Kensington’s unique sense of culture, art, design, and tradition. However, the design house is taking one step further by imbuing this sense of local belonging and history with its distinctive contemporary interpretation.

Soliman says: “The spirit of whimsical and English eccentricity was our starting point when designing The Other House. We were drawn to the beguiling gardens and interesting architecture of the area. We aspire to create a world that while fantastical, also offers that comforting sense of home.”

The designs will allow every visitor to uncover their relationship and experience with The Other House by featuring secret places and areas of discovery. Bergman’s designs, in keeping with the company’s values, will champion British craftsmanship and locally made furniture with all their plans for The Other House utilising British made furniture and fixtures.

The lobby

“The lobby will be the beginning of the visitor’s story with the hotel. Our design is a celebration of London’s lively and cosmopolitan streets,” says Soliman. She continues, “From the lobby, visitors will see hustle and bustle; views of the library, bistro and bakery; and glazed arches previewing the bar. A multitude of design elements has been re-imagined to bring the city of London within the walls of The Other House lobby.”

The lobby, much like a family room in a home, will breathe life into The Other House – it will be a place of welcoming and meeting. Botanical themes will steep the room in rich colours and intricate fabric designs, bringing natural outdoor elements indoors.

The destination bar

This natural theme will carry over into the bar, featuring an open layout and faux orchid brass and glass lights that will reflect onto cut mirror glass walls surrounding the bar. The wallcoverings, murals, and seating fabric will evoke a sense of connection to flora and fauna in a playful manner.

From the bar, guests will be able to look into a glazed atrium through balcony style French windows showcasing treetops from the floor below, resembling the sense of looking out onto London square.

Atmospheric residents’ Club Bar and Courtyard Spa Bar

“The two bars will offer two entirely different experiences,” says Soliman.

She continues, “The Atmospheric Residents’ Club Bar will exude classic elegance with a twist, an eclectic and secluded space for one to enjoy an Old Fashioned whilst taking in the surrounding art and antiques from old masters and contemporary artists alike.”

The Bergman Design House’s interior design will leave The Other House with an elegant and timeless feel, marrying the best of classic British sensibility with fun and modern contemporary inspiration.

In keeping with Bergman values, sustainability informs every step of the design process. The Bergman Design House’s plans focus on sustainable materials and embrace the heritage architecture of the building to minimise the environmental impact and highlight the existent historical beauty, now melding into something vibrant and new.

Whilst at The Other House, visitors will be “residents” and experience all the benefits that would entail. Residents will feel at home with a sense of familiarity and security, which will leave them with the lasting impression of the experiences they have created by interacting with the Bergman Design House’s visionary world.

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