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Belarus prepares to accommodate 20,000 Russian troops and could provide Putin with more weaponry

by Mark Fitt Political Journalist
29th Sep 22 3:26 pm

Belarus are preparing to accommodate 20,000 troops who have been mobilised from the Russian Federation which will replenish the Russian units stationed in Belarus from Russia, according to the Telegram channel of the Intelligence Agency of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

The intelligence report said, “As a result of the replenishment, the ratio of ‘experienced’ and ‘young’ military personnel should be one to five.

“It is planned to use existing military funds, as well as civilian premises and buildings for accommodation.

“Warehouses, hangars and other premises of abandoned agricultural and farm enterprises are being transferred for these needs.”

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They also noted that as the staff increases, the units will use Russian military equipment from warehouses in Belarus.

The agency added, “It is also planned to strengthen it with equipment and weapons removed from storage on the territory of Russia.

“It is planned to replenish the shortage of equipment for transporting personnel of the occupying forces by mobilizing civilian trucks and cars,”

The Intelligence Agency said the authorities of Belarus have instructed law enforcement agencies to assist Russian armed forces who are currently mobilising Russian citizens who had recently entered the territory of Belarus.

Belarus could also provide Russia with their weapons and military equipment, which could be moved to Donetsk or Kherson to strengthen Russian groups, Hromov said.

Hromov said at a briefing, “According to the available data, maintenance and removal of this equipment from storage is currently being carried out under the reason of conducting classes, trainings, assembly events at the bases for storing weapons and military equipment.

“Taking into account the large losses of the aggressor in weapons and military equipment, as well as the slightly better state and storage conditions of this equipment in the warehouses of the Armed Forces of Belarus, it is not excluded that our neighbor will provide the specified weapons and military equipment for the Russian aggressor, and this equipment can later be moved to Donetsk or Kherson direction of hostilities to strengthen enemy groups,”

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