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Arbitrage Genius Review: Explore the best of the forex market

by Sarah Dunsby
27th Jul 23 3:05 pm

The importance of technical analysis is very well-known when it comes to forex trading. With the technical analysis giving a comprehensive picture of the market sentiments, it cannot be ignored. There are multiple technical analysis tools available – yet Arbitrage Genius focuses on only the ones which have better efficiency. As per the Arbitrage Genius review, the technical analysis tools are highly capable of providing in-depth insights, thus making them stand out. Not only do they provide a very deep analysis, but they also ensure that the analysis is backed by reasons, thus enabling a beginner to understand better.

This article will focus on the importance of technical analysis when it comes to forex trading. Moreover, it will also list some of the technical analytic tools that are available at Arbitrage Genius.

Why should forex traders focus more on technical analysis?

It is important to understand the forex market is highly volatile. The fundamental view will only enable the traded to have a long-term vision, whereas the Forex market is driven by short-term momentum. Because of this important reason, it is always recommended to the forex traders have a thorough technical analysis before taking any position.

Technical analysis is well built for you to have a short-term understanding of the market, thus enabling the traders to move in the right direction. Moreover, insights help in understanding the right entry and exit points too. Following the trend is very important when it comes to trading in the capital markets. But it can often happen that there is a trend reversal, and as a trader, it might be difficult to identify a trend reversal if you’re not following technical analysis.

Technical analysis helps you to identify the point of trend reversal.  Tools such as Fibonacci Arc and Fibonacci levels are very critical when it comes to understanding the exit points too.

Market movements are based on probabilities and there are multiple billion-dollar players who are invested into the market. With the help of technical analysis, traders can find out the region of stop loss and prevent the capital from depreciating – in case the position reverses. The volume of benefits that technical analysis provides is truly one of the primary reasons why traders tune into technical analytic tools. In fact, it is one of the key reasons why traders are selecting Arbitrage Genius as their brokerage platform.

Technical analysis tools available in Arbitrage Genius

Arbitrage Genius boasts of five important technical analysis tools that every Forex trader will need during their trading journey. They are:

  1. Exchange Ticker
  2. Technical Analysis
  3. Crypto Market
  4. Market Quotes
  5. Trading Hours

With the help of the above analytics tools, market analysts become simpler and are also highly intuitive. While the exchange ticker helps in understanding the overall position of the currency market, crypto enthusiasts can tune in to the crypto market tool as well. Market quotes help in understanding the market depth as well, which makes it easy for making the positions. In conclusion, Arbitrage Genius is the perfect tool for forex traders to get a move into the forex trading journey!


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