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All about Bill Gates’ bizzare post on ‘condom hat’

by Purvai Dua
2nd Nov 18 2:48 pm

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates shared a picture of his father Bill Gates Sr on social media, which has been breaking the internet ever since. Nothing looks out of the ordinary in the first glance but once you look closer, you understand the social message.

The cap on Bill Gates Sr’s head is not a regular one but has been made from condoms. Yes, you read that correctly.

Gates’ Instagram post read:


In his post, Gates wrote how his 92-year-old father is wearing the cap gifted by a Thai social activist, named Méchai Viravaidya, who has been working to popularise condoms and safe sex in Thailand.

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Gates further wrote that Mechai “efforts to destigmatize contraceptives have been so successful that he is affectionately known as ‘Mr Condom’, or the ‘Condom King’, in his home country.” It is due to Mechai’s efforts, Thailand became one of the first countries in the world to achieve a considerable reduction in the rising HIV cases.

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