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71% of bike theft stays unreported, how can cyclists combat the thieves?

by LLB Reporter
26th May 22 7:19 am

According to Statista, in 2021 more than 77 thousand bikes were stolen in the UK. That is approximately one bicycle stolen every 6 minutes. And 71% of those bike theft victims never reported the crime to the police. But bike theft rates depend on many factors.

Urban, more crowded areas are most likely to experience higher bike theft rates. And while the statistics show that in the UK as a whole, bike theft fell last year, in London, there has been a surge in bike crime. Yet, only 1 in 200 thieves are ever identified, according to data from Lawtons Solicitors.

It’s no surprise that bike theft is more common in more populated urban areas like London, where commuting by bike is more common. However, part of the reason is also that many more people live in flats, apartments and student halls, leaving them with a lack of private bicycle storage and less space to store it indoors.

So although bike theft rates have decreased compared to the pandemic lockdown period, it is still a common crime. So how can people protect their prized possession from theft?

“Bike theft can happen to anyone anywhere, but you are much more at risk if your bike isn’t stored in a safe locked up area” says Lindsay-Jane Vines, President of Thane UK and North America. So what steps can cyclists take to minimise the risks?

TV home shopping retailer Thane UK is keen to encourage Brits to store their bike in a safe place without having to compromise on space or pay for expensive bike storage

Introducing the Bike Nook

Let’s be honest, bicycles are much easier to store in a bigger garage than a flat or a university room. Well, that’s what people assume anyways. If households do not have as much bike storage space, there is no need to worry, as Bike Nook is the ultimate affordable storage solution. “The Thane Bike Nook cleverly locks your bike into place in a ‘handstand’ position. This means you can keep your bike indoors even in a flat or apartment, knowing it won’t scratch the walls, doors, or ceilings. Plus, it’ll save you roughly 3½ feet of floor space, wherever you decide to store your bike” explains Vines.

The Bike Nook is a reassuring cycling accessory for those concerned about the rise in bike theft.

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