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London’s cycle hubs for those without bikes and avoid the Tube

by LLB Reporter
22nd May 20 5:59 am

The UK is slowly going back to work. However, many people still have reservations about using public transport to get them to work safely. So perhaps it’s no wonder many people are turning to walking or cycling to work.

But for those without a bike and your commute is too far to walk, one of London’s many cycle hubs may be able to offer you the answer.

As part of their research into London’s busiest tube journeys, Essential Living has located the nearest bike hubs to the 10 stations included in the research to reveal just how many bikes are potentially available per passenger, based on pre-lockdown travel data.

So if you want to swap to two-wheels on your commute you can even if you do not own a bike!

Here’s how the most-used underground stations in London stack up

  • Old Street tops the list with 5.7% of passengers able to hop on a bike when they reach their destination
  • Canary Wharf has 143 bike spaces making it the most geared up district for cycling in a post-coronavirus world
  • Stratford takes last position with only 0.2% of passengers able to get on a bike when they reach their destination.
  • Bank to Waterloo had the most pre-lockdown daily passengers with 43,000 people taking the journey, but with only 120 bike spaces, 0.3% of those passengers are able to get on a bike when they reach their destination.

A recent study by Essential Living revealed a tailored list of cycle routes that get you between London’s busiest Tube stations. But for those without a bike and wanting to use London’s bike scheme for their commute, how many bikes are actually available per passenger on some of London’s most popular Underground journeys?

You can hire bikes using London’s public cycle hire scheme, Santander Cycles. It costs £2 to access a Santander Cycles bike for 24 hours; the first 30 minutes of each journey is free. For longer journeys, it costs an extra £2 for each additional 30 minutes. Bikes can be hired using a bank card at the docking station, or using the official app.

However, many hubs are now closed due to coronavirus, power outages, utility works and building works. But since Monday, (18 May) Santander has launched their new cycle hubs which can now be used by the public with bikes situated in Waterloo, Kings Cross, Holborn, Liverpool Street, and Soho Square.


Bank to Waterloo

The Bank to Waterloo tube journey had 43,000 daily passengers before lockdown. With five cycle hubs situated near Waterloo Station and a total of 120 bikes, this means only 0.3% of bikes would be available per passenger.

Canary Wharf to Waterloo

With 19,000 pre-lockdown passengers making the journey between Canary Wharf and Waterloo daily and only 120 bikes near Waterloo, bikes available per passenger would be 0.6%.

Once we are all back to work, it appears the cycle hub at Waterloo wouldn’t be able to cater for many passengers wanting to maintain cycling.

Oxford Circus

Victoria to Oxford Circus 

The Victoria to Oxford Circus tube route saw 29,000 pre-lockdown passengers per day and with 118 bikes available in the cycle scheme it means that there are only 0.4% of bikes per passenger.

Waterloo to Oxford Circus 

Waterloo to Oxford Circus underground journey had 3,371 daily passengers before lockdown, so with 118 bikes, only 3.5% of passengers would have access to one.

Kings Cross

Liverpool Street to Kings Cross St Pancras

The tube journey between Liverpool Street and Kings Cross St Pancras usually sees around 9,475 daily passengers before lockdown. With this many passengers and only 82 bikes available near to Kings Cross it is no wonder that only 0.9% of passengers would have access to one.

Canary Wharf

Stratford to Canary Wharf 

With 8,255 daily passengers before lockdown and 143 spaces for bikes in the cycle hub scheme, 1.7% of passengers would have access to a bike.

London Bridge to Canary Wharf

Having around 5,866 daily passengers and 143 spaces for bikes near to Canary Wharf Station it means that 2.4% of commuters would have access to a bike.


Canning Town to Stratford 

With 8,227 daily passengers taking the tube from Canning Town to Stratford before lockdown it means with only one cycle hub and 19 spaces available, 2.4% of passengers would access a bike.


King’s Cross St Pancras to Victoria 

This tube journey saw 7,126 daily passengers before lockdown and with 94 cycle hub spaces it means that 1.3% of people would have access to a bike.

Old Street

Euston to Old Street

The tube journey between Euston and Old Street had the least amount of daily passengers before lockdown with 1,787 taking the journey. With 101 spaces available across the five cycle hubs near Old Street it means that 5.7% of bikes are available per passenger.

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