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Zelensky announces he will ‘retake Crimea as it is Ukrainian’ following the explosion at the Saky air base

10th Aug 22 2:55 pm

Following the attack which blew up the Saky air base in the Crimean peninsula President Volodymyr Zelensky has vowed to “retake Crimea as it is Ukrainian.”

On Tuesday Ukrainian forces launched an attack in Crimea and blew up the Russian Saky air force base which is also home to the Black Sea fleet sending a fire filed mushroom cloud into the sky which was seen for miles.

Shortly after the explosions, President Zelensky gave a video address and he reaffirmed Ukraine’s commitment to retake the occupied Crimea “with it’s liberation.”

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He said, “Today, there is a lot of attention on the topic of Crimea. And rightly so. Because Crimea is Ukrainian, and we will never give it up.

“This Russian war against Ukraine and against all of free Europe began with Crimea and must end with Crimea – with its liberation.”

He stopped short of addressing the huge explosion, and added, “The future of the Crimean peninsula is to become a pearl of the Black Sea, a national park with unique landscapes and a global resort, not a military base for terrorists.

“This is just the beginning.”

The attack in Crimea will make Vladimir Putin “incredibly nervous” as this successful attack 200Km behind the Russian frontline proves Ukraine does have the “capability” of weaponry that can reach a “vast amount of territory.”

Experts are saying it really does not matter what type of weapon was used, and they agree that it was a long range strike in Crimea which poses major problems for the Kremlin and Putin.

Kyiv-based security analyst @jimmysecuk said, “If the Ukrainians have a weapon – any weapon – that can reach out and touch Russian targets within a 300km range from the current frontlines, a vast, vast amount of territory they previous assumed safe – even from HIMARS/M270 – is now not.

“And they will be forced to react.

“So for weapons nerds, as a matter of general interest, we obviously want to know exactly what it was they used.

“From a Russian perspective, all that matters is this capability exists. And it will make them incredibly, incredibly nervous.”

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