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The Kremlin are ‘incredibly nervous’ and will ‘be forced to react’ to the explosion at the Russian air base in Crimea

10th Aug 22 11:33 am

On Tuesday Ukrainian forces launched an attack in Crimea and blew up the Russian Saky air force base which is also home to the Black Sea fleet.

Last month Ukraine said that their forces will “pay back” Russia for “their aggression” and will sooner or later have the resources to target Crimea and the “Russian Black Sea fleet.”

The attack in Crimea will make Vladimir Putin “incredibly nervous” as this successful attack 200Km behind the Russian frontline proves Ukraine does have the “capability” of weaponry that can reach a “vast amount of territory.”

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At least one person was killed with many wounded and the swirling speculation that Ukraine blew up the base in Crimea with long range missiles is of great concern and Russia will “be forced to react.”

The attack is a significant turning point in the war as it “suggests that ballistic missiles were used.”

Kyiv-based security analyst @jimmysecuk said, “If the Ukrainians have a weapon – any weapon – that can reach out and touch Russian targets within a 300km range from the current frontlines, a vast, vast amount of territory they previous assumed safe – even from HIMARS/M270 – is now not.

“And they will be forced to react.

“So for weapons nerds, as a matter of general interest, we obviously want to know exactly what it was they used.

“From a Russian perspective, all that matters is this capability exists. And it will make them incredibly, incredibly nervous.”

Adviser to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, Mykhailo Podolyak, denied any responsibility behind the attack.

He was asked by the Dozhd online television channel if Kyiv was behind the attack, he said, “Of course not. What do we have to do with this?”

However this denial contradicts what a Ukrainian official said on Tuesday when he told the New York Times that the attack in Crimea was carried out with a “device exclusively of Ukrainian manufacture.”

Also Viktor Andrusiv, a political scientist and former adviser to Ukraine’s Ministry of Internal Affairs, wrote on the Telegram, “As you can understand – missiles with a range of 200-300km are already in service with us and are being used in our country.

“The explosions…. today at the airfield in Novofedorivka in Crimea, are public proof of this.”

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