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YouGov: 55% of Tory members say Truss should ‘resign’ with almost 40% who voted for her ‘want her gone’

by LLB political Reporter
18th Oct 22 1:47 pm

Liz Truss is clinging on to power by a thread and the majority of Tory members want the Prime Minister to resign after just six weeks in the job.

More than 80% of Tory Party members have said Truss is doing a bad job and 55% want the Prime Minister to resign, new polling by YouGov says.

Just 15% of paid up Conservative backers say Truss is doing well, 2% don’t know and a whopping 83% say she is doing badly.

55% who were asked should the Prime Minister resign said yes whilst, 38% said no with 7% saying that they don’t know.

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Tory voters warn that Liz Truss has ‘lost the plot’ and she is ‘delaying the inevitable’ and she has to ‘resign’

The poll also found that 40% of members who voted for her in the leadership race want her gone, which comes as Jeremy Hunt “ripped up almost every policy on which Liz Truss was elected just weeks ago to lead the Conservative Party and become Prime Minister.”

Dominic Cummings voiced his opinion on Tuesday and said that the Tory Party seems to be “run by a network that wants to destroy them,” and added that a General Election needs to be called.

Cummings wrote on Twitter, “Hunt-Osborne alliance, vandalising public services, cuts to NHS and *actual growth* like R&D, seems determined to drive the Tory Party towards 0 seats and clear the path for the startup party!

“It’s like Tories now run by a network that wants to destroy them.”

He added, “2019 voters did NOT vote for 2 REMAIN CAMPAIGNERS to slash the NHS, raise taxes on average families, vandalise science funding, slash police, repeat Osborne’s [capital expenditure] vandalism.

“If Tory MPs want the opposite of 2019 manifesto, they need to have an election.”

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