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XS.com reveals its global titanium sponsorship for the Forex Expo Dubai 2023

by LLB Finance Reporter
22nd Sep 23 7:14 am

XS.com, the multinational global FinTech and financial services provider has today announced that it will be the Global Titanium Sponsor of the Forex Expo Dubai 2023 which is taking place on 26th – 27th September.

The event – which is being organised by the HQMENA – will be held at the World Trade Center, Hall 6, 7 and 8, Dubai, UAE.

Andreea Ilies, Global Head of Events at XS.com said, “The Fintech landscape in the UAE has been steadily growing in prominence in recent years with the country now being a leader in its field in the Middle East.

“The XS Group is excited to contribute to this positive transformation as we proudly announce our Titanium Sponsorship of the Forex Expo Dubai 2023 UAE.

“Towards the end of September, we will be prominently featured in the finance focused tradeshow – an impressive gathering set against the dynamic backdrop of the Emirates. Our collaboration with the esteemed organizers at HQMENA reflects our unwavering commitment to initiatives that intricately connect the finance focused professionals of the UAE.”

The global multi-asset broker is set to exhibit its latest products and services at the Forex Expo Dubai 2023, highlighting its focus on online investments, while also offering valuable insights into the latest trends and developments in the Fintech industry.

Michael Xuan, Executive Director at HQMENA and organisers of the Forex Expo Dubai 2023 added, “As we gear up for the highly anticipated Forex Expo Dubai 2023, it is with great excitement that we acknowledge the integral role played by our esteemed Titanium Sponsor, the XS.com Group.

“Their continued partnership is a testament to their commitment to reshaping and revolutionizing the investment landscape. The financial sector of the UAE stands as a shining example of advancement and sophistication within the Middle East. Amidst this backdrop, the Forex Expo Dubai serves as a pivotal platform for the convergence of innovative ideas and industry trends.

“We extend our sincere gratitude to the XS.com Group for their unwavering support, which undoubtedly adds immense value to the event. In an era where digital investments are gaining traction, and brokers wield significant influence in this dynamic ecosystem, we are excited to create an environment that fosters meaningful connections and empowers traders and industry participants alike.”

The online investment landscape in the UAE has witnessed remarkable growth and transformation in recent years, driven by technological advancements, regulatory reforms, and the country’s strategic positioning as a regional financial hub. The UAE’s international connectivity and strategic partnerships allow investors to access global investment opportunities easily. Many platforms offer the option to invest in international stocks, currencies, commodities, and a range of other assets, enabling diversification beyond local markets.

As the Global Partner, XS.com will have a prominent presence throughout the Forex Expo Dubai 2023, showcasing their comprehensive suite of services and expertise in the Financial Services industry.

Additionally, the award winning broker is proud to feature distinguished speakers who will share their insights and expertise during the event. Shadi Salloum, Regional Director (MENA) at XS.com, will be holding an educational and informative presentation about the “The Importance of Domain Name for Modern Business. The Example of Elon Musk & X.com”

XS.com extends a warm welcome to all participants, encouraging them to partake in insightful dialogues and experience first-hand, in-person resolution to their inquiries. Eager anticipation brews within the ranks of the XS Group, poised to build new relationships with event attendees, as the team showcases the latest development in cutting-edge trading solutions.

XS.com’s active participation in these engaging discussions further highlights their dedication to fostering industry growth, cultivating meaningful connections with industry peers, and solidifying their position as a trusted partner in the global financial landscape.

XS.com has been joining exhibitions around the world since the start of the year including in the UAE, Mexico, the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Bahrain, and Jordan – the team will continue its global road trip to Oman and Egypt.

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