Woah: Robots could replace 250,000 public sector workers


Is this true?

Robots and computers could replace 250,000 public sector jobs over the next 15 years, it has been revealed.

According to think tank Reform, using websites and artificially intelligent “chat bots” could save billions of pounds and boost productivity,

But it could also cost 130,000 Whitehall administrators – around 90% of the total – their jobs by 2030 and save £2.6bn a year in the process, the report said.

A further 90,000 NHS admin and 24,000 GP reception jobs could be taken over by robots helping save £1.7bn.

Alexander Hitchcock, the report’s co-author, said: “Such a rapid advance in the use of technology may seem controversial, and any job losses must be handled sensitively.

“But the result would be public services that are better, safer, smarter and more affordable.”