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Will London businesses be at the forefront of online roulette tech developments?

by Sarah Dunsby
11th Mar 24 9:40 am

The online casino industry is booming in the UK, and many London-based businesses have helped it reach this stage. It’s raking in more than $107 billion per year, and this figure is set to grow exponentially thanks to the increased integration of tech developments.

Roulette is one of the key games at online casinos, and future tech such as virtual reality is likely to massively boost its progress. There are various companies in the English capital that could contribute to this evolution.

Online roulette is growing in popularity

There’s no doubt that the online casino industry has inspired a massive audience of new roulette players. Along with the accessibility of different types of games, there are even online guides that assist players and make it easier to get started.

For instance, players can discover the 10 best numbers on roulette. While the wheel is random and each number has the same chance of showing up, having favourite numbers and playing the same strategy every time is a big part of roulette’s appeal. Because it’s so easy to get the hang of, anyone can develop a love of playing it.

Tech is set to help online roulette evolve

The online roulette market is arguably faster than other areas of casino at adapting to new tech developments. This was seen with the rise of live streaming, which was integrated into online roulette games early. After Facebook helped the live streaming platform skyrocket into the mainstream, the interest in live roulette games increased massively.

Virtual reality is now set to be the next big platform, with projections suggesting the industry could be worth $441.84 billion by 2030. Back in 2016, when VR was predicted to blow up, Microgaming rapidly came up with a VR roulette offering. This highlighted how major developers are always ready to pounce on new technology. VR is expected to make today’s games even more immersive than they already are, giving players the sense that they are sitting in a real casino with a dealer.

London tech scene is at the heart of developments

London will be a key city in the progression of VR development, with numerous start-ups in the capital starting to make names for themselves. SLAMcore, for example, is focusing on spatial intelligence for robots and autonomous machines. The company has already attracted interest from firms like Octopus Ventures. This tech could one day be used in robot croupiers at online casinos.

Beem is another notable name in the London tech scene. It’s working on live and on-demand communication using real humans in the metaverse. The business has earned investment from Ascension Ventures and QVentures, as interest in real-world interactions in VR environments grows. This could easily be integrated in online roulette games, allowing for interaction between players.

As VR gets bigger over the next few years, it’s going to gradually permeate the online casino industry. With many London businesses integral to the growth of VR, it’s likely that their efforts will have an impact on iGaming titles like roulette.


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