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Why some wine enthusiasts decide to buy bottles from Amazon

by John Saunders
7th Mar 22 5:30 pm

Many of us in London buy our wine from the local supermarket or the fancy independent off licence for special occasions. If you want to stick to a particular price bracket, the wine selection can become limited, and we end up buying the same trusty bottle time after time. During the Covid lockdowns, some joined online wine clubs for their new member deals, but with life slowly returning to a new normality, these subscriptions are being cancelled.

It may come as a surprise to some, but the same Amazon marketplace that we buy that bulk pack of freezer bags also sells some pretty good wine. As a result, some of the world’s most famous wine distributors are hiring an Amazon agency https://nuoptima.com to get their wines in front of Amazon consumers.

How wine is sold on Amazon

There are different ways that Amazon sells wine. First, it can be found on the central Amazon marketplace as listed from Amazon, then from Amazon Fresh or Pantry line and finally third-party sellers. The third-party sellers tend to be independent retailers that are seeking to increase their sales with Amazon listings.

 Suppose you are a creature of habit and enjoy knowing exactly what you will get. In that case, many of the recognisable brands you find in UK supermarkets are also available on Amazon – such as Barefoot, Yellow Tail, and even Bollinger. However, suppose you are on the hunt for something a little different. In that case, some of the under-represented countries and regions are also listed on Amazon – you could discover a new favourite.

Why try buying wine from Amazon

There are wines available on Amazon as part of some sellers’ standard range, but there are also opportunities to buy ‘bin ends’ and end of vintage stocks. When bricks and mortar wine retailers decide to switch to a new vintage in all their stores, bin ends come about. By selling off the previous vintage, they can avoid placing old vintage wines with the new vintage. A bin end bottle does not mean it is past its best, so they can be a fantastic deal.

Apart from getting exposed to some new wines unavailable in your local shop, wine merchants offer some excellent deals on Amazon. You can generally choose to buy a single bottle or a case of six. In addition, many wines are available on Amazon Prime – which facilitates fast and free delivery. There is also a money-back guarantee for any bottles which arrive damaged.

Tips for buying wine from Amazon

  • Wines sold on Amazon can be great value so check before heading straight to the Amazon Fresh or Pantry offers. There are also specialised wine merchants selling via the main Amazon platform with a wider variety of wine.
  • As with any online purchase, you should run a quick independent search to check that you are buying at a fair price. It is also essential to check the delivery costs as it is easy to be stung during checkout when you do not realise the additional charge.
  • It is best not to assume that the more expensive the wine, the better it is. Price differentiation depends on many factors – from the origination to the taxes and duties applicable in that country. For example, the EU Tariff on wine from Australia is effectively 6.5p to 8p a bottle, whereas UK wine duty on still wine is a massive £2.60 per bottle.

The takeaway

Amazon may not be the place for collectors seeking prestige wines and back vintages, but it makes an exciting alternative for when you fancy a change or cannot get to your local shop. Buying wine online can sometimes be more convenient, especially if you dread the thought of lugging heavy bottles home from the shop.

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