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Why London restaurants and cafes need EPOS

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6th Feb 19 1:55 pm

Whether you are in one of the most prominent shopping streets or set up in the suburbs of our capital city you should be switching to EPOS systems for running your sales, and here are a few reasons why an electronic point of sale system can save you time, money and help you streamline your company to maximise profits.

Build accuracy and speed

In busy periods mistakes can happen, of course, it is excellent to be rushed off your feet, but complaining customers with the wrong orders is no joke. An EPOS can help ensure your staff are getting the right information from the customer to the kitchen, and customers thrive on a fast-paced service. No one wants to be waiting half an hour for food, only to discover the wrong meal has been allocated. This system gives your staff more time as information is passed seamlessly from the front of house to back of house.

Perfect finances

Allowing for the fact that mistakes can still happen when human error is involved an EPOS cuts down on the likelihood of errors occurring. All items can be stored with the correct price and easily added to a tab when ordered. Change is worked out and presented to the teller, meaning the amount of calculation or recalling prices the staff have to do is minimal, and accuracy is improved.

Keeping track of stock

Rather than just being a till, and EPOS can connect to a whole host of other vital business operations including tracking your inventory. Items are automatically removed as sold so you can see instantly when you are running low. Should an item be returned in a fit for resale condition, this will be added back to the levels. This means you can track your best sellers, and never run out at a crucial point.

Rapid reporting

From knowing how the takings were on a particular day to tracking the most popular inventory items throughout the year, as these are likely to be seasonal, a good EPOS offers reporting. This gives vital information about the business and the financial health of your day to day trade. This helps you identify slower periods and make changes to ensure you are attracting more customers or having less staff in during quieter times. The reports can assist with reordering giving you an immediate insight into what you need to purchase and what you need to rethink.

Staff accountability

With individual log-in, you can ensure that you have good visibility of staff performance. This will immediately identify where there is unusual activity, or one member of staff has fallen short of basic training, and of course, enable you to see who your best staff are. Healthy competition among staff is no bad thing when handled well, and the information can be used to motivate and encourage them to reach targets, which of course can be incentivised if you so choose. If you have a problem with a member of staff, you have access to evidence to support your action.

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