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Why design matters for your application

by Alex Schnee
27th Oct 21 3:39 pm

When you are creating your first app and you have limited resources in order to make it work, then one of the first things you might skimp out on is having quality design. You might not think that it will affect whether or not your app does well, or you might just be relying on the fact that your idea will be good enough to avoid having to think about your design altogether. However, you might be surprised to learn how important design is to the success of your app.

 Here are some reasons why you might want to prioritize your design.

 Design isn’t just how it looks

 There’s a lot more to the design of your application just than how it looks on a screen. Part of the design process is taking an in-depth look at your users and seeing how you can meet their needs. A UX designer will interview potential users, see what their problems are and how an application can solve them, and build out a map of which pages you might need to create in order to make this work.

 Ease of use

 With these tests, a designer can also see how easy the app might be to use or whether the user is likely to run into any issues. They most often will use an app design software to create some prototypes that they can use for testing. This way they can see if someone is struggling with the flow of your app or whether or not they want to drop off because they find it too difficult to navigate. Without this knowledge, you’re more likely to find users complaining or choosing not to use your app at all.

 It helps you know your users

 Part of this testing also includes getting to know your users and exactly what they want from your app. You might want to include a number of different features, but that might not be what your users actually need from your application. UX also keeps in mind that different people have different problems that they want to solve by using technology, which means that you need to keep this in mind when building out your application. The more information you have about your users, the more you can make decisions that affect them positively.

 Brand awareness

 Consistency in your brand is one of the best things you can do when creating your application. While this might fall into the realm of marketing, you’ll find that these things are often connected when it comes to making a quality product. A designer can take a look and come up with a style guide that properly reflects the type of user you have and what you want to accomplish.

 In summary

If design isn’t a priority for your application, then you might want to consider making it one. Design has a lot more to do with making sure that your app works the way it should than it often does with how it looks overall.

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