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Why 30 is the new 20

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13th Mar 22 12:53 pm

Turning 30 can seem like a worry to some who are concerned about leaving behind their 20s and starting the journey to becoming a 30-something. Wondering what a new decade holds can be daunting, which can make you feel like there is a new level of responsibility and assumption that you should have it all ‘figured out’ by the time you reach this milestone. You may also not be ready to receive birthday cards with the number 30 emblazoned across the front, as you make the transition from your twenties to your thirties.

However, your thirties are something you should embrace, as a new decade brings with it a clean slate to work with, new adventures to enjoy and typically fewer personal insecurities, compared to your teens and twenties. If you’re not yet convinced that your thirties will be your best yet, then read on.

Drinks and dodgy dates

One of the best things about turning 30, is that you are generally wiser than you were in your twenties. You’ve dated the dodgy guys, drank too many cocktails on a Saturday and paid for it on a Sunday, as well as spending all your money on overpriced makeup. Whilst this is fun in your twenties, you generally start to get this feeling that’s there’s more to life and that most importantly, you want to be present for that.

When you reach 30, you’ve found out more about who you are as a person and your values, so don’t settle for anything less when it comes to personal relationships. This is a major step forward and something that is never not important when it comes to knowing your worth. You also realise that becoming more money savvy helps keep your financially stable, as well as understanding that wasting each Sunday lying around in bed is the best use of your time.

Real relationships

Another great thing about leaving behind our 20’s is your relationships are a lot more meaningful. As we get older, we realise who our true friends are (cringey, but true) and we appreciate our family members a lot more, too. Bonds with siblings become tighter and you learn to appreciate your parents a lot more than before, as you’re able to relate better to the sacrifices and important life decisions they had to make.

Career focus and goals

You will also find that you have a strong desire to put more thought into your career. When you’re young, you have the luxury of having the bank of mum and dad to fall back on to, so don’t pay too much attention to where you’re at and where you are (or are not) going when it comes to work.

As you get older, however, you’ll find that you suddenly want to have a clear sense of direction and ambition starts to take over. Spend time learning about the things you do and don’t enjoy and most importantly, get yourself out of a dead-end job – there’s always something better out there.

Finally, and most importantly, as you get into your thirties, you will find that you have absolutely no desire to be a 20-something ever again!

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