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Who should be awarded employee of the month?

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9th Jul 20 3:09 pm

There is a sense of joy when you walk past your picture hanged next to the wordings’ employee of the month.’ But how do you go from being an ordinary employee to the month’s best?

In every company, there is a set of criteria specific to the industry. For instance, for an insurance firm, the employee of the month is most probably the one with the highest number of paying clients and in a shoe store would be maybe the person with the most sales or the one with the best customer service. All in all, the winner has to be the best.

With that said, let us take a look at somethings that may help both the employer and the employee get to who is deserving of the title—starting with the employee.

How to get the employee of the month title

Be always on time

Perhaps the first thing that employers look at is your sense of urgency, and that mainly focuses on your time management. The first place they look at is your attendance, are you always on time or are you always making an excuse when you are late? The second thing is how fast you finish your tasks. Are you slow or fast to your feet? And is the work to par? If it is, then you are on the right track of becoming an employee of the month.

Be smart

You must also make sure that you are in the right clothing while you are at work. If the business has uniforms, make sure they are clean and properly matched up. If you are meant to be in pink shoes, do not go for peach or red, only do pink.

For the cases you do not have a set uniform, make sure you are smartly dressed, looking sharp.

Be courteous and proactive

Lastly, you must be courteous to your colleagues, superiors, and customers alike. Please treat everyone with respect regardless of their rank. Also, be proactive. Don’t sit there and always wait to be told, if your working space needs tidying up, do it. Don’t always wait for someone else to do it if you can.

Awarding the deserving staff member

Be observant

When you are in a position of power, be vigilant, and take note of even the smallest things your staff members do. For instance, if you notice one of your staff creates an instant rapport with clients inviting them to come back, note. You could even look at the CCVT and see how they operate while you are not there.

Use records

CCTV is one reliable source of recording that you can witness your member of staff integrity. You could also use customer surveys, suggestion boxes, record books, and even ask other employees. With this, you will get different perspectives of a said member of staff and gauge if they are deserving.


It is a great feeling when you finally get the recognition that you deserve, and the same is seen from an employer’s perspective. This rewarding system motivates others to become and do better.

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