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White House computers hacked. Is Russia behind the breach?

by LLB Editor
29th Oct 14 11:19 am

White House computer networks have reportedly been breached by Russian hackers.

According to the Washington Post, the hackers who broke into White House’s unclassified network work for the Russian government.

The network was temporarily frozen because of the breach and staff were told to change their passwords. The FBI, Secret Service and National Security Agency are investigating the breach.

A White House official told the paper: “On a regular basis, there are bad actors out there who are attempting to achieve intrusions into our system.

“This is a constant battle for the government and our sensitive government computer systems, so it’s always a concern for us that individuals are trying to compromise systems and get access to our networks.”

However, White House officials declined to comment on whether the breach was caused by Russian hackers.

Back in 2008, Russia’s intelligence service carried out a security breach codenamed “Buckshot Yankee” which aimed to hack the US military’s classified networks.

According to Sky News, other targets on Russian hackers’ hitlist include NATO, the Ukrainian government and US defence contractors.

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