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Where can you get Personal Loans in Asia – A discussion

by Sarah Dunsby
1st Oct 18 11:23 am

Getting out for the first time to get a personal loan might sound a bit difficult for almost all the people out there. People moving out to some foreign country or even residing in Asian countries might come under a need to get such a loan. However, a whole lot of questions arise in the mind of first-timers. If a person tries to get a personal loan in Malaysia, he would have to find answers for a number of questions such as the exact amount to be borrowed. For how much time? The interest rate? It could turn out to be a big challenge for first-timers seeking out a loan in Malaysia; however, some of the trusted sources which can help you out in the Asian countries to find the best suited personal loan for them are as mentioned below:

Asia Bank: It is a highly renowned website dedicated to solving problems of the people stuck in making decisions regarding these loans. Moreover, they answer each and every question of yours related to the same without any hassle within the least of time. This website is highly active in Hong Kong for the foreigners living in Asian countries or own property there. The website provides you with all the terms and conditions applicable while borrowing a loan along with comparing all the interest rates, application processes, and other guiding terms.

Asia Loan Rates: This website will help you attain the information about all the current loan rates throughout Asia, by country. It will impart you with detailed data from 87 of the leading institutions offering personal loans to expats, along with 118 saving banks, 740 deposit banks, and 24 credit card offering banks. Along with the above-mentioned data, this website also offers a comprehensive and comparative analysis of the resources available.

Bankbazaar: Bankbazaar offers the collective information about 15 of the leading loan services. Its’ filters allow you to browse through the available offers and sort through them easily as per your requirements. Moreover, this website allows  you to calculate and compare interest rates, loan tenure, along with all the other offered perks in Asian Markets like India, Malaysia and Singapore. However in Malaysia they are referred to as BBazaar.my and serve the very same purpose. You can browse through different loan tenures ranging from 1 year to 10 years of time period.

Best Money HK: Not only does this amazing website offers you the information about personal loans in Asia but also allows you to know about the benefits that you can you can attain by borrowing different loans. This website also links to you to a number of personal loans lending institutions and can help you start your application process with a single click of your mouse.

The above-mentioned websites can actually help you each and every person along with foreigners seeking out such loans in the Asian countries. Along with being highly informative, these websites provide you with trustable and certified data in accordance with the various loan lending institutions and banks. Why waste your time visiting various banks when you can compare them all with a single click on your computer?

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