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What the Monopoly Board will look like in 2016

21st Oct 16 9:53 am

A modern Monopoly board has been designed by Barratt London to incorporate locations suited to today’s first time buyer.

When the game was first launched in 1935, the most expensive property on the board was Mayfair for a mere £400. Now the average property in that area will cost you a cool £3m. 

Old Kent Road still remains the cheapest area to buy from the original board, but the average price tag has gone up to £523,000.

On the original game, properties were grouped in to colours based on their value – brown for Old Kent Road and Whitechapel Road which were the cheapest, and dark blue for Mayfair and Park Lane which were the most expensive. However, in today’s property market, some of the locations would find themselves elsewhere on the board.

Fleet Street, formerly a middling property in the Red cluster, would find itself dropping down next to Northumberland Road and Euston Road as a light blue property, now with a comparatively low price tag of just over £500,000. Vine Street and Whitehall would find themselves shooting up towards the top, their average house prices coming in at £1,970,000 and £1,692,000 respectively.

A spokesperson from Barratt London, said: “While the prospect of buying a London property for as little as £60 was never realistic, we can see how the different areas from the game have fared over time in terms of property value.  One thing that is for sure is that all of the properties from the original game are now costing between £500k and £3m making them unattainable for most people, especially first time buyers.”

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