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What shoppers want in a post-pandemic world

by LLB Reporter
21st Mar 22 11:45 am

Avery Dennison Corporation confirms fashion shoppers’ interest in garment sustainability, having analyzed data from its latest ‘Digital Consumer Behavior’ report, produced in partnership with audience insight company GWI.

The study into a wide range of attitudes and behaviors of over 5,000 fashion buyers across five countries (U.S., UK, France, Germany, and China), revealed a deep desire for a greener way to shop. Consumers want retailers to provide more traceability, and information that will support responsible production and fashion circularity.

This indicates that brands need to find frictionless ways to provide consumers with relevant information. One example is putting digital labels on clothing. By scanning a QR code on the garment label and accessing information on an app, consumers can explore the lifecycle of the item of clothing to date, and find out how to recycle it. Retailers with convenient ways to communicate through smart labels will be in a strong position to drive brand loyalty, while actively supporting fashion circularity.

More than 40% of consumers surveyed in the U.S., more than 50% in Europe, and almost 70% in China say they want access to more information about how their clothes were made, to better inform their shopping decisions.

Sustainability has been pushed to the forefront of consumers’ minds when purchasing in recent years, as climate degradation becomes more serious and issues around ethical labor have come to light. Fashion buyers, especially, have high expectations from brands in driving sustainability forward, and are demanding increased transparency detailing how their products are manufactured and shipped.

They also recognize their own responsibility. Across the global markets surveyed, 62% of people said they want brands and retailers to make end-of-life options accessible for their products, with 58% saying fashion brands should help consumers repair items, and 57% saying brands should help consumers resell items when they no longer want to keep them. 43% of those who haven’t repaired their clothes before want to do so in the future.

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