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What matters when hiring carpet cleaning in London?

by Sarah Dunsby
8th Feb 22 3:07 pm

As a homeowner in London, you might find that your property needs a bit of a clean and airing. However, if you spend all day cleaning down the upholstery and tables etc. and even leaving the windows open, you might still find your home has a relative odour to it. With that in mind, you might want to know why – the problem, more often than not, is your carpets.

These large pieces of material can be the ideal betting ground for odours and smells that linger long in the air. With that in mind, then, you should consider hiring a professional offering carpet cleaning in London. If you want to choose the right person, though, what matters when reviewing carpet cleaning companies?

Are they available online?

The first thing to look out for is their online presence. Do they have a website or a social media presence? If so, what can you find out about them simply by reading into them online? Can you find things like business registration numbers and the like?

Are they well quoted?

Another thing to look into would be their online reputation. Just about any company worth hiring will have reviews online. This could be on their social media, on their website, through local directories, and through platforms like Trustpilot. Simply take the time to search their name in Google, and you should find out what others who used their service think.

This is a great way to work out who is suitable for carpet cleaning in London, and who you should avoid!

Are they affordable?

Always be sure to look into the price, too. While you should never choose someone on price alone, it should be the final determining factor. If two companies have similar service and reputation offerings, consider the price as the final thing to consider.

Price is a massive part of your decision making process, so be sure to think closely about the price. It should be affordable, but be wary of too-good-to-be-true offers!

Do they provide guarantees?

Letting someone into your home to clean your carpets requires a lot of trust and patience. As such, you want to get some kind of guarantee that they are going to do the job that you have asked for. This means that you should look for guarantees on things like callbacks, on insurance, and on their privacy factors. Keep this in mind as you consider the right guarantees to look for moving forward in the future.

Are they local?

London is a big place, so you should always be looking for a company who is based in a part of London that is close to you. Keep that in mind as just because a service is listed as in London does not mean that it is nearby. This is a huge city so you should always be open-minded about how far you can accept a company traveling for.

Typically, though, you want to know they can arrive at your property within, say, 10-20 minutes of driving time. This makes it easier to know they can turn up on time and, if needed, they can return in a hurry if something goes wrong.

Keep these factors in mind when hiring a carpet cleaning service, and your job will become much easier and far less stressful overall.

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