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What makes a good quality house build?

by Sarah Dunsby
25th Apr 24 10:25 am

Let’s face it – not all houses are good quality, especially new builds. Why? We could pick a few reasons. Instead, we’ve picked four reasons why we think new builds aren’t the same quality they once were. And we’re not slating all new builds, only most of them. Read on to learn what we think is going wrong and what makes a good quality house build.

The people building them

Skilled builders – that’s what we need. Many labourers aren’t skilled. They get a CSCS card and go to the site with zero experience. The difference in build quality between experienced teams and inexperienced teams is massive. And it’s not only labourers; that would be unfair to say.

We need experienced architects and specialised engineers to create high-quality homes.

These professionals have the skills to ensure the structural integrity meets current safety standards and future usability – and that they don’t pretty much fall apart the minute we move in. Effective communication between these professionals will create homes that last.

But this is only one part of the story.

The materials they use

You can get a team of the best professionals, but if the materials they use are subpar, so will the build. Still, some homeowners have no choice but to pay for basic materials and build. There’s a catalogue of materials buyers can choose from – not everyone can pick marble countertops, can they?

Anyway, it’s not all about the interior. There are elements buyers don’t have control over. We’re talking high-strength steel for structural support, green roofing materials that don’t leak, and generally solid foundations. You also have to consider individual project requirements and how they operate. Are they efficient and using pre-cast dock leveller systems, retaining walls, and properly planning for drainage?

Still, you’re just a homeowner (to be) – it’s difficult to understand these things.

The location

The location affects its design and construction approach massively. They should consider everything from soil stability to drainage and flood risks. One in eight new build homes in the UK is at risk of flooding.

Properly evaluating the location prevents future problems. But as you can see from the statistics above, it’s clearly not happening.

Will the future of UK homes be flooded? Apparently so, for one in eight of them.

The build budget

A well-planned budget is essential. Does it always happen? No. According to statistics, 69% of UK builds go over budget. Just look at how much the HS2 project overrun the budget. Unrelated, we know, but a prime example of poor management and unrealistic initial expectations.

Efficient budget management means funds are available and corners aren’t cut. The better the planning, the better the quality of the construction. Homeowners want luxury finishes, or at least similar to that.

So, what do you think about the quality of homes in the UK? Or, what do you think makes a good quality home? Some people would say they’re beginning not to exist. We say more work must be done to secure better funding, materials, and workers.

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