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What is a background check from your employer?

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29th Oct 21 4:18 pm

Your employer wants to know who they are hiring. In all likelihood, they will run a background check on you to ensure that you are who you say you are. But — do you know what that background check entails?

Well, we hope to clear up what your new prospective employer is looking at so that you know what they could find.

Sections of a background check

Depending on the position, your employer can look at some specific areas, such as a criminal record or driving history. Some employers also choose a more comprehensive background check to get a better idea of who you are. Here are a few sections that might be under review and why.

Previous employment

There are some rules and regulations regarding what a new employer can check here. Typically, they can find out where you worked, the start and end dates of previous jobs, and if it is legal to ask, they can ascertain your salary.

They also, in some cases, can contact previous employers to get some information about you and can confirm what you have stated.

Employment verification is not the same as getting a job reference. Your new boss will confirm what you have stated on your CV during the verification process. They will only ask questions about your productivity and work ethic during a reference call.

Driving record

This one might not come up with every job but could if the job involves a lot of driving. Whoever hires you will want to ensure that you are a safe and reliable driver.

Your driving record contains public information about accidents, any driving suspensions you may have received, and traffic violations.

Remember that you should keep track of this information yourself as different violations will stay on your record for different lengths of time. Knowing what’s on your record as you apply for a job means you can be honest with your employer if they ask you directly. They will find out eventually anyway.

Criminal record

There are different levels of disclosure and laws governing how employers can use a criminal record during the hiring process. The thing you need to be aware of, though, is that they can see arrest and conviction history.

They will also find out if you have rules in place for which jobs you can apply for and which you can’t. When asked about anything on there, be honest about what you did and learned since the incident.

It is essential to keep up with your criminal record as it can make a huge difference in your employability. Check what’s on there and get in contact with the right people if you find inconsistencies or double-ups on your record.

To conclude

These are not all the potential sections but, they are the bigger ones. When it comes down to it, as long you walk into a job with a clean slate and be honest with your employer, you’re going to start on the right foot.

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