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What does end of tenancy cleaning include?

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9th Jul 20 2:54 pm

End of tenancy cleaning is usually required at the end of any tenancy agreement. More often than not it’s stipulated within your contract that you’ll have the property cleaned and restored to the same clean state in which it was when you took it on. Many believe they can simply carry out this thorough clean themselves however, soon change their minds when they realise just how much is actually involved.

Whether you’re a tenant trying to find out more about end of tenancy cleaning and what’s involved or you’re a landlord who’s been left with a property that’s in obvious need of a little tender loving care, then the following information will be of utmost importance to you. Keep reading as we dive into end of tenancy cleans and exactly what’s included in them.

End of tenancy cleans – The ins and outs

The vast majority of cleaning companies will no doubt have a very similar list when it comes to ‘end of tenancy’ cleaning. To ensure we provide you with the most comprehensive end of tenancy checklist, we decided to go to one of London’s best professional cleaning companies, Cleaning Express. Here’s what they had to say about end of tenancy cleaning and what it should include.

Oven & cooker

Within any end of tenancy clean, the oven and cooker should receive a full and thorough oven and cooker clean. This should include inside and out, removing all metal trays and grills to ensure they’re returned to their original clean state.

Fridge freezer

Fridge freezers are another appliance which can find itself looking less than presentable after a prolonged stay by some tenants. A decent end of tenancy clean will ensure it’s emptied and cleaned ready for the next occupants.


Washing machines are another appliance that can benefit from a clean, whether it’s mould and mildew in the drum itself or mould in the rubber seal, all this should be removed, restoring the washing machine to a serviceable condition. Dishwashers could benefit equally from having filters emptied and cleaned. Both should also have a quick scan to ensure no leaks or problems.


Often, cupboards high up are forgotten due to the shelf itself not being seen. With an end of tenancy clean, every single cupboard, both internally and externally will be wiped clean, leaving them sparkling.

Skirting boards

Skirting boards are something that can get forgotten over time and are always a great way of freshening up any room. While they may not always get tended to during general cleaning, they won’t be missed in an end of tenancy clean.

Bathroom & tiles

Bathrooms can begin looking old before their time due to mould, limescale and mildew in the grout of tiles and sealant of baths. With the help of an end of tenancy clean however, this will be removed with ease and the bathroom restored to its former glory.


Windows will be cleaned internally to ensure the windows provide a bright and clear view from every single room.

Carpets & rugs

We will hoover your carpets all around the property even under the furniture. We can also offer professional steam cleaning for your carpets, upholstery or rugs if requested.

Contact Cleaning Express today!

If you’d like an end of tenancy clean or want more information on what’s available, simply contact Cleaning Express today. Cleaning Express are one of London’s leading professional cleaning companies and will provide you with security checked staff, who are regularly trained on the most up to date methods and solutions available. They cover all areas of your property to ensure it’s in pristine condition ready for new tenants. Call 0203 633 0390.

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