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West told to ‘take Putin out’ as nuclear weapons could be launched ‘without his knowledge’ as he is ‘not in control’

25th Jun 23 12:12 pm

The West has been strongly urged to “take Putin out” to save a nuclear catastrophe as the “weapons of God” could be fired “without his knowledge.”

Vladimir Putin is no longer “in control” and the Russian tyrant no longer “controls anything” following the attempted Wagner Group coup on Saturday.

The wife of the former Russian spy of Alexander Litvinenko, Marina told the BBC the West must kill Putin to “save Russia from collapsing” which could threaten a nuclear war.

Putin’s weaknesses has now been exposed to the world and Russians and a last minute deal brokered by Belarus will now see Yevgeny Prigozhin live in Minsk.

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Litvinenko told Sunday with Laura Kuenssberg, “For one year and a half, almost, when we have a war in Ukraine, I can’t see international leaders have a strong reaction [sic].

“Sure, they want to help. They accept Ukrainian people in a different country, they have support, but they still want to keep Putin at least to have some kind of controlling of Russia [sic].”

She continued: “But for what happened yesterday, we can see, Putin doesn’t control nothing [sic].

“And most important, if you want to save Russia from collapsing you need to take Putin out from this place [sic].

“He doesn’t control anything and even nuclear weapons might be used without his knowledge.”

Christopher Steele, a former MI6 agent also spoke of Putin’s weakness in Russia. Steele, ran the intelligence agency’s Russia desk from 2006 to 2009.

He told Sophy Ridge On Sunday: “What’s changed I think is that Vladimir Putin has lost authority and legitimacy within Russia and has been challenged in a way, yes he’s managed to worm his way out of it for the present.

“To see events unfold in Russia yesterday and the speed with which the situation seemed to spiral out of control must be very concerning for Putin and the people around him.”

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