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Wedding customisation ideas you probably didn’t think about

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27th Aug 20 9:38 am

Your wedding day is already going to be memorable because you’re marrying your best friend and starting your life together. There’s going to be smiles and tears galore, but what about a “wow” moment? If you’re looking for unique special touches that will make your wedding stand out above the rest, here is a list of wedding customization ideas that you don’t see at every event you attend.

Remember who you are

Before you start to plan your wedding, take stock of who you, the bride and groom, actually are. What are your interests and passions? What things do you like to do together as a couple? While traditional weddings are the gold standard for a reason, there’s no reason you can’t add custom details that make the day even more special. Make a list of the most important details you don’t want to forget to highlight on the big day.

Have fun with cake toppers

The top of your wedding cake doesn’t have to be adorned with a tiny bride and groom. Use this prime real estate to show off your hobbies or personality. You can really have a lot of fun with crazy, cool, or elegant cake toppers that match the theme of your wedding day. You can display a quote with 3D cutout words, use flowers, have custom toppers made that look like you, and choose from many more creative ideas.

Add an instagram worthy photo op for guests

Encourage lots of fun wedding photos by providing a spot with a cool background and props for guest photos. Fun ideas are an open fairytale storybook, a wall of flowers and greenery, a moon and stars, a polaroid picture cutout, and a luxury seating area with a dark background. Throw up a sign inviting them to take their photos and give them a unique hashtag to use when posting online. Take a moment to review this handy list of dos and don’t for sharing wedding photos online.

Personalise the bridesmaid gifts

Give the women who’ve helped make this day special a gift they will always remember and be able to use for years to come. One sweet idea is to give necklaces with each bridesmaid’s birthstone as the single gem. Another fun idea would be monogrammed flip flops to wear at the reception when their feet get tired. You know your girls best; get them a gift they will cherish.

Get the Groomsmen matching wedding socks

Don’t let a single detail go unplanned–make sure all the men in your wedding party have an amazing set of matching socks. Feel free to take some liberties with the style and colors when it comes to men’s formal socks.  No Cold Feet actually does customisable socks that can be a great extra touch for your wedding party. Not only will everyone match, but the custom labels make them a memorable gift.

Incorporate your heritage

Does the bride or groom have a unique heritage? You can celebrate your cultural heritage throughout your wedding by incorporating traditions, food, drinks, and decorations that represent where you or your relatives come from. You can also celebrate your home state, the state where you and your partner met, or any place that’s special to you.

Make a unique exit

Many couples make their getaway at the end of the night in a decorated car (hopefully not with tin cans attached to the tailpipe), but you don’t have to be that basic. This is your chance to pull off a “wow moment” that your wedding guests don’t see coming. Here are just a few ideas to help you start brainstorming:

  • Rent a classic luxury car in a cool color.
  • Speed away in a speedboat if you’re on the waterfront.
  • A horse-drawn carriage is always a classic, or what about hopping up on a pair of actual horses and riding off into the sunset?
  • A bicycle built for two.
  • A pair of his and hers motorcycles.

Suggestions for the bar

Create your own custom cocktails. You can even make it a contest. Have the bride and groom each invent a drink and let your guests vote on the best one in a blind test. You can have the DJ announce the winner towards the end of the night.

You could also create a beer or wine tasting of your favorites. A local brew tasting would be a unique touch. You can order wine with custom labels that represent your wedding, with the date and names of the bride and groom.

Have fun adding signature cocktails and other fun drinks to your bar menu. Check out this Huffington Post recipe for a champagne margarita.

Fun on the dance floor

Having the right DJ can really make or break your reception announcements and dance floor activity. Hire a professional with a charming personality that will help get the audience up off their feet. Here are a few fun ideas for the reception:

  • Have a confetti drop during the bride and groom’s first dance.
  • Surprise and delight your guests with choreographed dances by the wedding party.
  • Create your own wedding day dance to teach your guests.
  • Break out old fashioned favorites like the limbo and the conga line.
  • Have the DJ give out special thank you messages throughout the night to everyone that helped make your day a success.

Plan an after party

You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here. Many wedding reception venues cut you off around 10 PM. If your guest lists include a bunch of party animals, plan a fun after-party for your closest pals. An after-party can be held at someone’s home, a hotel, on the beach, or a variety of other fun locations. It can be a chill event with evening drinks or a full-on house party with lots more dancing.

Adding fun personal details to your wedding ceremony and reception can make things even more magical. Make sure to highlight all the people and things you love.

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