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Three best guiding tips for wedding dress neckline style selection

by Sarah Dunsby
13th Mar 19 12:48 pm

After you get engaged, your wedding dress is the first thing that pops up in your mind. Every bride has this biggest concern in her life that which color her dress would be and what style she will select for it. Many times, there is more than one color, and gown styles of mother of the bride dresses that a girl like, but unfortunately only one of them need to be selected. This selection must be made without any pressure and should be comfortable to wear.

In this article, we are going to share about the right neckline of your wedding dress. No matter if you are looking for long or short mother of the bride dresses for yourself, there are some very basic things that you must follow and keep in mind while making the final selection.

1.  Strapless neckline

This is the most popular neckline style among all the brides. You will have no straps in this, as the name clearly suggests. The bust will be covered properly and passing under the arms; it reaches back very safely. The whole neckline will securely cover the rea and fits tightly.

According to the famous wedding dress designers, a strapless neckline will look amazing no matter what type of figure the bride may have. Also, it provides great room for exposing the neck and the accessories that the bride will wear, especially the necklace.

2.  Sweetheart neckline

A sweetheart neckline is the most loved neckline option by the brides. It gives a very sharp and cute heart shape to the top area of the bust. It covers as tightly and securely as the strapless neckline does. The difference is only that it looks very romantic and girlish.

It gives a very innocent and sweet look to the bride. Therefore, the sweetheart neckline name is given to this style. It brings softness and balance to the overall look. For brides with every style of body curves, shape, weight and height, this neckline will look equally stunning.

3.  Halter neckline

This is an extremely flattering and unique style of neckline that very few brides like to have because it does not suit every body shape and size. It has deep holes in the index arms and has two straps that go back to the neck and binds there.

It is chosen by very few brides, but it has a great advantage over others is that it keeps the dress securely tighten to the body and is also more comfortable than the normal straps of the dress which might make the bride uncomfortable. So, if you like this style, then make sure it suits you or not.

These are the best necklines that are popular among all the western brides. After reading this article, you must have enough information about the neckline designs of wedding dresses. It will help you in selecting the one that you like and that you will feel comfortable in wearing on your big day.

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