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Warehouse near Kyiv housing ‘depleted uranium’ explodes with panicked Ukrainians ‘buying iodine pills’

by LLB political Reporter
16th May 23 3:12 pm

Russia has claimed they have blown up a factory near to Kyiv which holds “depleted UK uranium” which has sparked panic and Ukrainians are “buying iodine pills.”

The warehouse in Khmelnytsky blew up when Russia attacked the Kremlin backed news outlets have claimed.

Khmelnytsky is around 240 miles from Kyiv and the explosion caused a black mushroom cloud which was seen for miles which happened on Sunday.

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Kremlin-backed news outlet Moskovskij Komsomolets, said the warehouse was housing “depleted uranium ammunition” which was provided by the UK and claimed that background levels of radiation soared from 80 to 160 nanosieverts per hour.

Former army commander Vyacheslav Alexandrovich told the news outlet MK, “I will clarify that the background level is 0.1 microsievert per hour, which corresponds to 100 nanosieverts per hour.

“That is, the fixed level is quite acceptable.

“In particular, 200 nanosieverts per hour are quite acceptable for the premises.

Russia has always opposed the use of depleted uranium projectiles during wars, but, unfortunately, neither the IAEA nor the WHO has yet made the same demand, despite the glaring facts of the Serbian tragedy.”

The Kremlin backed news agency said that local politicians had warned residents that “uranium dust causes terrible diseases” and they must “urgently take children to grandparents.”

MK added, “Children are being taken out of the city, adults have devastated pharmacies, buying up drugs with iodine.

“They say that the warehouse could have been delivered to Ukraine by Britain shells with depleted uranium-238.”

In March the UK provided Ukraine with Challenger 2 main battle tanks and supplied a vast quantity of depleted uranium High Explosive Squash Head (HESH) rounds.

The HESH rounds are anti-tank shells and can cause devastating damage to its target and dart delivers a highly lethal concentrated kinetic energy on impact.

On Monday the British government has expressed fears that Vladimir Putin could “resort to non-conventional weapons systems” in Ukraine should Kyiv’s counteroffensive be successful.

MPs were told in the House of Commons that the UK is “very much on our guard” with what “happens next” over serious fears Putin could “turn ugly.”

The Defence Secretary Ben Wallace fears that Putin could resort to using “chemical and biological weapons” which were used by Russia in Syria.

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