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Zelensky meets Sunak and UK to provide Ukraine ‘air defence missiles’ with ‘hundreds of new long-range attack drones’

by LLB political Reporter
15th May 23 10:53 am

The Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has arrived in the UK and is at the Prime Minister’s country retreat Chequers where they will hold “substantive negotiations.”

Rishi Sunak will confirm today that the UK are to provide Ukraine with “hundreds of new long-range attack drones,” have a range of more than 200km and “hundreds of air defence missiles.”

Zelensky told Sunak speaking at Chequers, Buckinghamshire, “Your support is already a lot for us, you did a lot.” He then added that his country are “thankful from all our hearts.”

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The government said in a statement cited by Reuters,”Today the Prime Minister will confirm the further UK provision of hundreds of air defence missiles and further unmanned aerial systems including hundreds of new long-range attack drones with a range of over 200km.

“These will all be delivered over the coming months as Ukraine prepares to intensify its resistance to the ongoing Russian invasion.”

Russia is yet to make any comment on the UK providing more military aid which comes after Ukraine was provided with Storm Shadow cruise missiles.

However, the Russian leadership have expressed their concerns that their air defence system is unable to intercept drones which comes as there has been an uptick in drone attacks in Russia.

A UK intelligence report says, “The Military Transport Aviation (VTA) is a well-resourced element of the Russian Air Force, essential for transport across the vast country.

“Russian leaders will be concerned that Russia’s air defences continue to be compromised, holding at risk key strategic assets such as VTA bases.”

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