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Want to know what Apple’s next products are going to be?

11th Jun 12 3:12 pm

New MacBook Pro, iOS 6 and possible new TV App Store might be announced at Worldwide Developers Conference this week

Oh Apple. Whether you love or loathe the fruity superbrand, you can’t help but be intrigued by what it’s got lined up next. It sets the digital tone for pretty much the whole planet.

And all this week Apple is holding its Worldwide Developers Conference, where it’s poised to announce a batch of new products.

So, courtesy of some good rumour-hounding from the folks at Business Insider, here are a few of the gems you can expect:

New MacBook Pro – can those babies get any better? Allegedly so. Expect something faster, higher res, and newly ubiquitous across the cafes of East London.

New maps app – Apple’s recent acquisition of 3D map-maker C3 Technologies suggests the company is keen to take on old rival Google. Bring on the clash of the cartography titans.

An App Store for Apple TV – there are wild web whispers that Apple TV will become open for developers to create apps in the same way that the App Store already is. This could seriously ramp up the innovativeness of Apple TV. Nothing’s been confirmed yet though.

New iPad ‘mini’ to be released – click the link to find out what we’re written about this previously.

New iMac – rumour has it that the screen will be sharpened. Watch this space.

iOS 6 – a faster, slicker, altogether better operating system. It’s definitely going to happen at some point, the question is: when? Business Insider reckons we can expect to get our grubby mits on it in autumn after those lucky developers get to play around on the beta version.

Mac OS X Mountain Lion to be released – the latest operating system for Mac has already been released in beta to developers, so it’s just a matter of time before we can play around on ourselves. There’s less secrecy around this one as it’s already out there in the wide world: it lets you sync apps and mirror your computer screen to your Apple TV.


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