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Want to avoid Brexit roadblocks? Here are countries you should look at

by LLB Editor
1st Feb 21 9:09 am

Montenegro, Switzerland and Portugal are the current global new home hotspots, also offering investors the opportunity to gain citizenship or residency via investment through a Golden Visa programme. As revealed by the latest research from, Astons, the international experts on real estate, residency and citizenship through investment.

Citizenship or residency through investment and real estate are closely linked, so much so that many nations offering such a programme also offer the ability to secure residency or citizenship through real estate investment itself.

For example, Astons currently facilitates residency or citizenship by investment into commercial real estate across seven global destinations, including Montenegro.

Montenegro citizenship by real estate offers a fast route to acquiring a European passport, through investing in government-approved projects such as hotels and resorts. The minimum investment required is €250,000 in the North and €450,000 in the more sought after Southern region.

However, whether investing in real estate or via the more traditional routes when securing residency or citizenship, residential real estate is also a requirement for many investors.

Aston’s analysed current property market data across 20 of the most established residency or citizenship via investment locations to reveal which has seen the largest number of new residential homes reach the market this year, providing investors with the best choice when looking for a new home.

Montenegro ranks as the Golden Visa new build property hotspot so far in 2021. Currently, 36% of all properties listed for sale are new builds. With new build homes accounting for 21% of available stock, Switzerland also ranks high along with Portugal (19%), Spain (17%) and Turkey (16%).

At 7%, the UK is home to some of the lowest levels of new build property stock in the global Golden Visa property market along with Thailand. Just Grenada (5%), Ireland (4%), Italy (4%) and the United States (2%) have a lower level of new build homes as a percentage of the total stock available.

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