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Wagner chief ‘will press on’ with recruiting female prisoners after around 43,000 mercenaries have been ‘killed or deserted’

by LLB political Reporter
24th Jan 23 4:27 pm

A Russian MP has approached Wagner mercenary chief Yevgeny Prigozhin who is also a close ally of Vladimir Putin on the subject of recruiting female prisoners to help bolster troop numbers on the frontline.

Since 24 February 2022 when the war started, US Defence official claim that at least 180,000 Russian troops have been killed.

Prigozhin’s press service released a letter from Vyacheslav Mikhailovich Wegner wrote, that back in March, “I raised the issue with the leadership of the region about the participation of prisoners in a special military operation.

“Now I have been approached by a team of women serving sentences in IK-6 in the city of Nizhny Tagil, Sverdlovsk Region.

“They are ready to go to the zone of a special military operation as signalmen, doctors, nurses, to provide all possible assistance to our servicemen there.

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“I think they can help our country. I ask you to consider this request.”

The Wagner boss was very receptive to the politician’s request and even suggested the women could be deployed in combat.

He said, “I absolutely agree with you.

“Not only nurses and signalmen, but also in sabotage groups and sniper pairs.

“Everyone knows that it was widely used. We are working in this direction.

“There is resistance, but I think we will press on.”

Olga Romanova, who is the head of a Russian NGO protecting the rights of convicts has claimed that around 43,000 Wagner mercenaries have been killed on the frontline in Ukraine.

Romanova said that male prisoners who signed up to fight for 180 days to then receive a pardon from Putin have either been “killed, gone missing” and thousands have also “deserted.”

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