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Usage of video walls for companies: Seven benefits

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9th Mar 22 11:31 am
Video walls are versatile and suitable for any working environment that wants to up their game on the communication front. But what is a video wall, and how are they beneficial for your company? Well, that’s where we come in.

At DEXON, we know how important it is to fully understand what you’re investing in before you get your cheque book out. So, in this article, we’re going to take you through the seven benefits of using a video wall in your company and give you the lowdown on what video walls are and how they work.

So, whether you’re scratching your head or know what every single wire does in a video wall, we’ve got you covered.

Let’s go!

What is a video wall?

Putting it simply, video walls are a collection of multiple monitors put together to create one or numerous coherent images. Each monitor displays one part of an image to combine with others to show a larger picture.

The resolution of a video wall is the sum total of the individual monitors’ resolution.

Video walls can vary in size, with some spanning to surround a room and some consisting of only a few monitors.

We can typically find video walls in venues such as conference rooms, sports stadiums, movie theaters, mission control rooms, security control rooms and transport settings.

How does it work

Video walls vary in function depending on the user’s requirements; for example, some users may elect to use video wall processors to help optimize their experience. A video wall processor is a system that processes input signals and distributes them onto the video wall.

Processors help to manage the overall project, isolate bits of information and process images into the desired size and location.

Other projects may use matrix switchers to help process signals and switch them to a lot of individual monitors simultaneously.

There are three main types of video walls:

  • LCD: This is typically the most popular initially cost-effective option as they are made up of simple LCD panels to create one large image.
  • Rear projected cubes: Rear projected cubes give users that festival experience with large displays that are fast and high-performance.
  • LED: This video wall is best for users wishing to create bright and highly detailed displays for still images or large billboards.

Seven benefits of a video wall

We know that making a big investment can feel daunting if you’re not totally sold on the idea. So, we’ve compiled a list of seven reasons why we think you’ll love video walls in your business. Let’s go through them:

1. Increases engagement 

Let’s face it, a big screen in an office is bound to turn some heads and make everyone sit up just a little straighter.

Ok, we’ll explain. Video walls can distribute all the necessary information in real-time, meaning that staff can have constant access to all the data they need without having to stop their work and check their email inbox or confer with a colleague.

This increased engagement has a huge impact on productivity and is bound to reap some pretty impressive results!

2. Unifies a workforce 

We all know that miscommunication is one of the main factors in the breakdown of professional relationships. But in our fast-moving world, it feels impossible to prevent this. Well, video walls can help! With video walls, you stop relying on the rumor mill to get information across an office floor and distribute your vital updates from a single source.

When everyone receives the exact same information at the same time from a single area, things feel a little less isolated. Gone are the days of email chains and isolationist virtual conversations, now, we can come together in person once more!

3. Looks impressive 

We’re not being shallow here, being impressive is genuinely beneficial to your business progression. When a client or business partner walks into your office and sees a unified workforce with great communication and clear information distribution, they’re bound to be impressed. When a company shows itself to be at the cutting edge of information technology and takes communication so seriously, they’re bound to attract more customers, prospective employees and potential investors.

Video walls enable users to market themselves as serious professionals who are ready to combat the competition, so maybe a little superficiality here and there isn’t a bad thing!

4. Centralises the flow of information 

Have you ever been in a busy airport terminal and wished that you could find the one screen that displays your plane, destination and gate number? Join the club. Many of us know how frustrating it is when you need the information in a clear format but the odds seem to be against us, but that’s where video walls can come to the rescue.

You can use a video wall in your office to be the one-stop shop for all your information distribution. With a video wall, all your colleagues receive exactly the same information from the same source at the same time. This means that miscommunication is a thing of the past and no one has to rely on word of mouth. How cool is that?

5. Customisable 

One of the most beneficial parts of video walls is that they’re entirely driven by the user and their project needs. What do we mean by that? Well, this means that the type of equipment used in a video wall project and how sophisticated the technology is defined by your needs alone.

So, if you don’t need a matrix switcher and an extensive set up, you don’t have to have one just for the sake of it!

This is also super useful if you’re not surrounded by tech wizards in your business. Meaning that your video wall system is accessible, user friendly and optimized for your needs.

6. Multifunctional 

Say you’ve got an office floor that needs constant business updates to carry out their daily tasks, but you also have a scheduled event that requires web access coming up. If this oddly specific scenario applies to you, well then you can breathe a sigh of relief.

As video walls are multifunctional, they can be used to display live updates, broadcast announcements and play live images, whilst also streaming web-based content. This means that if you have a large virtual conference that your office floor needs access to whilst displaying your live updates, sales numbers or any other live tracking information, you’re covered with a video wall.

So, crack that popcorn out, because your next office movie night is sorted!

7. Flexibility and scalability 

Video walls are super flexible to your needs, meaning that you can easily up or downsize depending on your current needs. For businesses that have fast evolving needs, this is super important.

Increased your workforce recently? Need a larger screen with more sophisticated technology? You’re in the right place. One of the best parts of video walls is that all the technology is totally scalable, meaning that you can upgrade the system depending on the sophistication of your project.

Incorporating matrixes and additional processors can turn a relatively simple project into a high production event! Alternatively, you can turn it down on the sophistication if you feel like your video wall needs don’t warrant fancy systems.

Whatever you need it for, a video wall can do it with ease!

And there you have it folks, your comprehensive guide to all things video walls and their benefits.

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