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Understanding everything about IMEI Code and how it works

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11th Sep 18 8:28 am

IMEI code here, IMEI code there. You have probably heard of these words many times or seen it on your phone’s packaging, but you do not have a clear understanding of what it means. Chances are, someone told you to always note your IMEI number down in case your phone is stolen or lost but you did not understand the purpose of doing so.

What is IMEI?

It is the acronym for International Mobile Equipment Identity, and it is a unique number used for identifying any mobile device or devices that use terrestrial cellular networks. The numerical identifier helps in differentiating every device. A standard code IMEI is made up of 14 standard digits and an extra 15th digit to verify the other 14. There is also an additional 16th digit which comprises information about the device’s software version.

Can you track down your lost phone using IMEI?

The simple answer is yes. If you have lost your phone, or if it is stolen, you can get it back or even block it using the code IMEI of your phone. The process, however, may be long and requires a little bit of patience. For starters, you may need to file a report at your nearest police station and let the authority know that your phone is missing.

After getting the FIR, you can now contact your phone’s service provider who will then help you track your phone’s location. They can also block it to make it unhelpful to whoever stole it or found it until it is back on your hands. Phone blocking will be active even when the sim card is changed. It sounds incredible, right?  Localisermobile.net is an online phone Locator site. It gives the exact position of the mobile on a map, practical.

How does the procedure work?

Now that you already know that each phone has a unique IMEI code, you could be wondering what kind of magic this could be. To break it further for you, you need to understand how the code works and how it helps in blocking or even tracking a lost mobile phone.

Whenever your phone is switched off, the IMEI code is sent to a database known as the Equipment Identity Register. This database further categorizes your phone in a while listed, black or greylisted category. Once you contact your service provider reporting that your phone is missing, they block it by putting its IMEI code in the blacklist category, and once it is placed under that category, it cannot be used at all. What about tracking? You can find its exact location through the help of the Global Positioning System. For further security, it is also recommendable to ask the operators to block your sim card too.

How awesome is this? Getting your lost phone and saving the money that you could have used to get a new one instead. Also, getting your IMEI code is straightforward. If you cannot locate it on its original box, all you have to do is open your keyboard, and dial *#06# and the code will appear on your screen. Do not forget to save for future use because regardless of how careful you can be, it could be your unlucky day and you, unfortunately, end up losing your phone

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