UK’s undersea cables at risk of ‘catastrophic’ attack by Russians, warns head of Armed Forces



The head of Britain’s armed forces has warned that Britain and its NATO allies must defend deep sea cables against a ‘potentially catastrophic’ attack by the Russian navy as it could disrupt financial transactions.

In his annual lecture to the Royal United Services Institute in Whitehall, Air Chief Marshal Sir Stuart Peach said an attack on the UK’s network would trigger an immediate hit to the country’s economy and “our way of life”.

Peach said: “In response to the threat posed by the modernisation of the Russian navy, both nuclear and conventional submarines and ships, we along with our Atlantic allies have prioritised missions and tasks to protect the sea lines of communication.

“This sounds like a re-run of old missions, actually as I’m about to say, it is very, very important that we understand how important that mission is for the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO).”

The cables which crisscross the world’s oceans and seas carry 95 percent of communications and over $10 trillion in daily transactions.