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Ukrainian intelligence say that Russia’s most combat ready units have been destroyed

by LLB Reporter
21st Apr 23 11:27 am

The most combat-ready units of the Russian army have already been destroyed in Ukraine, but Ukrainian intelligence have warned that Russian forces cannot be underestimated.

Andriy Yusov, a representative of the Main Intelligence Agency of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry, has said.The Russian Federation has a mobilisation potential and a significant amount of equipment,

Yusov said on the air of the national telethon on Thursday, “Rushists today do not have the strength to repeat the attempts that we saw after February 24, 2022. But this does not mean that the enemy has been defeated or that it has lost the full danger for Ukraine.

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“No, it’s not. There is a large amount of manpower, there is a mobilization potential, a significant amount of equipment, even if it is outdated, Soviet, and ‘mothballed.’ But that doesn’t mean anything.

“The most combat-ready units, the most combat-ready part of the rushist army have been destroyed in Ukraine.

“It has destroyed, in fact, by Putin, who sent it into a meat grinder.”

He then stressed that the Defense Forces of Ukraine “are preparing and will liberate the entire Ukrainian territory.”

He said that in the southern Ukraine, Russian forces could try to conduct separate operations, however he believes the main attention will be focused on the east.

Ukrainian intelligence said, “Bakhmut and everything that is in Ukrainian Donbas still remain the maniacal targets of the rushists.

“Yes, the deadlines have been pushed back, but if there is no progress, at least in Donbas, then what should be shown as a result of the so-called ‘SMO (special military operation)?’ Kherson was lost, and it was the only captured regional center,”

The Main Intelligence Agency of the Ministry of Defense claim that Donbas remains the only place where Vladimir Putin can claim tactical success.

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