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Absolut Vodka suspends all exports to Russia following an outcry it is a ‘gift to Putin’

by LLB political Reporter
18th Apr 23 4:12 pm

Pernod Ricard have announced that they are to stop all exports of their premium Absolut Vodka to Russia which will affect Vladimir Putin’s crumbling economy even further.

The French alcohol group have said that since Putin’s invasion of Ukraine sales have fallen and last week media outlets reported that Absolut were providing economic help to local communities.

Citing a Pernod spokesperson the media outlets reported, that Absolut “provided products in quantities that support local workers and provide economic sustainability to local communities,” which saw criticism from Sweden where it is made.

In an email to Reuters Pernod said that they have now decided to completely halt all deliveries of Absolut due to “the obligation to take care of our employees and partners.”

The Company said, “We cannot subject them to massive criticism in any form.

“Therefore, The Absolut Company has decided to stop exporting its brand to Russia.”

During 2022 the French alcohol company by in large stop selling their drinks in Russia which received around 3% of their sales in the country.

Pernod Ricard insisted their decision to continue with exports was in part to protect their staff in Russia from “criminal liability” and accusations of “intentional bankruptcy.”

Stephanie Durroux, the firm’s chief executive, said in a statement that they are exercising their “duty of care” towards their employees and partners.

She added, “We cannot expose them to massive criticism in all forms.”

In Stockholm some very well know restaurants and bars decided to stop selling Pernod Ricard products following an outcry as people said this is a “gift to Putin.”

Durroux said, “The reaction over the recent days is clearly reflective of the role Absolut plays for its extended community in Sweden.

“We acknowledge the significance of these longstanding and trusting relationships with our Swedish employees, partners, consumers and the Swedish society at large.”

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